Currently reading: Car boost may end recession
Increased UK production will contribute to industrial output growth

Increased UK car production could help pull the UK out of recession as early as this autumn, latest figures have shown.

British industrial output rose unexpectedly in April according to official data, raising the prospect that the economy could climb out of recession far earlier than anyone had previously predicted.

That output has been boosted by increased car production, and with further increases expected from Honda, Nissan and Toyota's UK plants following the scrappage scheme and increased demand, that figure will rise.

The Office for National Statistics said industrial output, which contributes 18 per cent to gross domestic product, rose 0.3 per cent on the month. It is the first increase since February 2008, and analysts had expected a fall of 0.1 per cent.

However, year-on-year industrial production was still 12.3 per cent lower.

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