Tweaked logo revealed without fanfare
14 October 2009

This is the facelifted Cadillac logo.

The mildly tweaked logo has been put into use without any announcement from the company, replacing the previous version after ten years.

Changes include a more textured effect on the wreath and inside the crest, and enhances the embossing and light effects of the crest edge.

No announcement has been made as to when the logo will begin to be used on Cadillacs

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14 October 2009

I've given up trying to work out GM's bizarre sense of priorities...

14 October 2009

i totally agree! is there not more important things GM should be concentrating about right now?

14 October 2009

They could have made it much nicer... :-)

14 October 2009

What a waste of money, no wonder GM are in the state they are, have they not learned anything.

14 October 2009

Oh, of course, it was the logo that was the reason no-one bought any....

I can imagine some David Brent-alike in Detroit, faced with the titanic list of GM issues to be sorted out, confidently stating that the first thing the Cadillac brand needed to do was to spend the money it doesn't have on a new 'more premium' logo to 'resonate' with their 'target demographic'.

I'm sure the others in the room congratulated their boss on his 'vision' and 'bold, blue sky approach', before going back to their offices and emailing their CVs to anyone who was even vaguely interested.

Presumably they sent a proof of the logo to every american taxpayer for approval!

You couldn't make it up.

14 October 2009

To be fair, it is an improvement though!

15 October 2009

Justified someone's paycheck I suppose. Looks good, maybe they should let the designer loose on their cars.

15 October 2009

[quote Paul123]I've given up trying to work out GM's bizarre sense of priorities...[/quote]

LOL so true! you can imagine them humming away to themselves - tongue out to the side and going ...there that'll make everything better, thats rebranded Cadillac for another 40yrs Buick..

15 October 2009

Well now they've brought out a new logo, I would definitely be off to buy a Cadillac......

....... if only I could remember what the car looked like.

(I'm not joking, try it yourselves)

15 October 2009

I’m sure the cost of updating the logo wasn’t much and it is an improvement. These pages have announced several other marques that have updated their badges and the change went largely unnoticed on these forums; why all the Caddy hate? They are finally making decent cars that match or beat their competition.

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