Currently reading: Britain builds a car every 20 seconds as demand grows
The UK car industry now supports almost 800,000 jobs as £2 billion is invested

The UK’s motoring industry is in good health after it was announced that more than £2bn worth of investment has been pumped into the sector in 2015 already. Much of the investment has been in Research & Development and production facilities.

During the first half of this year, more cars were produced in the UK since the first half of 2008, meaning a car rolls off the production line every 20 seconds. This growth has lead to the creation of a further 4500 new jobs this year. The industry now supports almost 800,000 jobs across the country. Of these, 160,000 are directly employed within the manufacturing sector.

The appetite for British-built cars is strong around the globe; car exports now account for 11.8% of Britain’s total exports, to more than 100 countries, contributing £24.6 billion to the UK economy last year alone. Demand in 2014 from Europe grew by 11.8% and continues to be the UK’s largest export market.

At a gathering of government officials, indicatory leaders and UK manufacturers in Greenwich today, business secretary Sajid Javid said: “The automotive industry is a UK success story with government and industry working closely to boost productivity and growth. Not only do we build cars extremely well, but our research and development and design capabilities are equally as impressive.”

The event was attended by Aston Martin, Bentley, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Mini, Nissan, Rolls-Royce, Toyota and Vauxhall and was a send-off for manufacturers on their way to next week’s Frankfurt motor show.

By Matthew Griffiths

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concinnity 11 September 2015

Britain ASSEMBLES a car every twenty seconds using imported bits

Isn't the MG6 more of a British car than the Vauxhall Astra or Ford Focus? The Focus wasn't even designed in Britain and is made by an American owned conglomerate in another country. At least some General Motors Astras are assembled near Liverpool even though that American conglomerate designs their cars and makes their components elsewhere, just like the cars from the Japanese conglomerates, Honda, Nissan and Toyota.The MG is assembled from British designed, Chinese made parts in England, with an old English nameplate.And Hondas are entirely designed in Japan and all parts come from overseas.
Perhaps the headline should read,'Britain ASSEMBLES a car every twenty seconds'
Assembly of cars using pieces made elsewhere just like they used to do in Malta, Uruguay or New Zealand. Morris Marinas made in Malta were always considered British cars, as were Rovers and Jaguars made in New Zealand.
benanderson89 11 September 2015

concinnity wrote: Perhaps the

concinnity wrote:

Perhaps the headline should read,'Britain ASSEMBLES a car every twenty seconds'

I think you need to do more research there, Concinnity. The Qashqai, Note and Juke were all designed in London, engineered in Cranfield and then built in Sunderland from parts made either in the factory itself or from surrounding businesses. The petrol engines used in Nissans built in Sunderland are actually made IN Sunderland in a facility called the "Unit Shop". The Astra, too, had design work done in the UK - against popular beliefs Vauxhall actually do "things". The present Astra GTC, for example, was entirely designed by Vauxhall in London by Mike Adam. With Ford, yes they are designed in Germany, but Ford's engineering centres (where they also developed the award winning EcoBoost engine, the classic Capri, and all the bits that make Ford's fun) are in England. Honda is considering re-opening its European design centre, but this time in the UK, too. It pays dividends to do a bit of research. :)

concinnity 13 September 2015


It depends on whether reading manufacturer's publicity counts as research. Vauxhall is a long way from having the design capability it had with Wayne Cherry in the 70s and 80s. Vauxhall today are rebadged Opels, but they do need a local studio to decide where the badges go. Check out the number of people that work in Russelheim for GM compared to GM in London.
Yes, many parts are made at the former RAF Usworth but many parts also come from Japan and France. Compared to their design presence in their homeland, Nissan and Honda wear a fig leaf in Britain just so they can wave the 'We're British too' flag.
JLR does do pretty much everything in Britain but it's owned by Indians. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is registered in London. Does this mean that Dodge or Lancia are now British?
My point was that Britain doesn't have anywhere near the manufacturing capability it once did. Pretending otherwise is dishonest or deluded. Toyota Coronas made in New Zealand with locally supplied glass, wiring, tyres, paint, springs, seals and suspension tuning by Chris Amon locally were still Japanese cars. Hondas,Toyotas and Nissans are still Japanese. Fords and Vauxhalls are American/German. If they are British then everyone has to shut up about MG's Chinese connection. It's the lack of consistency that I find most annoying. Are Toyota Yaris made in France more French than a Turkish made Renault. Is a Citroen C1,Toyota Aygo or Peugeot 108 Czech?
ben1grogan 10 September 2015


oops after zooming in on the photo I realise that is in fact the new Astra
ben1grogan 10 September 2015


Interesting that Vauxhall have the South Korean built Viva at the event and that MG (even if not fully britih built) didn't attend