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European governments failed to make the most of schemes

The potential of scrappage schemes around Europe hasn't been maximised, according to BMW board member Ian Robertson.

"I don't think any government made the most of what could have been achieved out of the scrappage system," Robertson told the Daily Telegraph.

"They didn't really stimulate green, efficient cars for example, they stimulated cheap and cheerful cars, largely manufactured outside the European Union.

"Governments had a great opportunity if they stimulated the market. They missed some chances and now there is some fallout."

Daniel Thomas

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il sole 10 June 2010

Re: BMW boss slates scrappage

Straight Six Man wrote:
Of course, you can get that limiter removed, and they'll happily go beyond 8000rpm...


oooooohhhhh my mind might be almost made up!!!

il sole 10 June 2010

Re: BMW boss slates scrappage

Straight Six Man wrote:
Firstly, I'll say this - the E91 is cramped in the back and has terrible rear visibility. I'd advise you to find the best E39 5-series you could get, frankly. The Subaru Legacy estate (not the new one, the one discontinued at the end of last year) is also a very good car, spacious and with reasonably good visibility. If you must have an E91? Oh blimey. The thing is, the 330d is a stonking good engine, and if you could get a Used Approved 335d for the same money... extra turbo, a deal more pace, etc... but the purist in me says enjoy the revvy character and snarling engine note of the 325i. Obviously, £3500 will buy you quite a lot of petrol... I'm also out of touch with comparative residual values. I'd need to find out more, but I suspect, if it were me doing the buying, I'd be very torn between the two. It's your decision. If your head can't decide, follow your heart.

hhhmmm i know the e91 is quite small, but i'm fed up with my unwieldy barge (aka A6 avant) and now my children no longer need all the silly baby paraphenalia, i'm quite happy to sacrifice some room to have a more direct driving experience...also, i've always had diesels and to be honest the 330d engine with 240bhp is probably the best out there, so i'd love one, BUT, my brother has just bought a clio 200 renaultsport and it's amazing...i'd forgotten just how lovely the sound is of a revved petrol engine...hhmmm decisions, decisions!

il sole 10 June 2010

Re: BMW boss slates scrappage

Straight Six Man wrote:
There are so many things on it, that a lot of us do, that will invalidate it - like having any work done on the car by an independent garage

if that's true, that's now illegal as all work carried out by independant garages no longer invalidates warranties...

Great answer to my post though straigh six. please don't think i'm sticking up for kia, i just wanted to put accross what i believ to be people's reasons for scrapping...granted the only person i actually know who took part traded a 12 year old corsa for a fiat surely you'd agree that scrappage was good there..!!!!!

thanks too for not taking my post badly, i didn't in any way want to offend seeing as you're called straight six, and i want to buy a new 3 series touring, i'm very keen on the 330d, but at £3500 cheaper i could have a 325i...any thoughts?