Three vehicle platforms and two engine technologies part of deal
24 December 2009

Chinese car maker BAIC has revealed it paid $200 million (£125m) for Saab technology, including he rights to three vehicle platforms and two engine technologies.

BAIC said the technology would accelerate the car maker's development, and kick-start a 33 billion yuan (£3bn) vehicle R&D project that will run over the next three years.

The Saab acquisition includes the intellectual property for Saab's 9-5 and 9-3 and some equipment to make them. Further details have not been made public.

"Someone has commented that the purchase of Saab's intellectual property can help cut short the development time for Beijing Auto's own-brand passenger vehicles by four to five years," said BAIC Chairman Xu Heyi. "We basically agree with the view."

BAIC will also launch two new models of its own-brand vehicles next year.

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24 December 2009

Oh well sounds like GM is scrapping Saab then like an old banger and selling off bits of it on the cheap instead of letting it survive with Spykers bid.

Shame on you GM . Selling to the Chinese will come back and bite you in your sorry arse and you deserve it too !

24 December 2009

to old toad

24 December 2009

to old toad.

As far as i know saab has only sold the 9-5 that is going out of production early next year anyway, and the 9-3 is the 2004 model, which i guess is pretty close to the current 9-3, but the 2009 model has some biopower tech and properbly som other tech that the 9-3 2004 model dosen't. Also the 9-3 will be replaced in 2011, so its not so far away(what i've read).

I really think GM should take this offer from spyker, cause i think saab will get massively improved sales once the new 9-5 and 9-4x is released, and i think spyker can make it work with saab, if they broaden the lineup with more models, a compact hatch and a new sonnet or aero x, or something else, and plug in hybrid tec.

GM please give saab a chance, to live and prosper.

24 December 2009

Thanks for that. They may be old models but it enables the Chinese to get their foot in the door so to speak and that is what worries me.

Agree with you that Spyker should be given a chance for the sake of the brand and more importantly about 3000 skilled and loyal staff who have a dodgy future at the moment.

I still think GMs main problems are at home ie the US. They really need to modernise there so people will be able to buy more reliable better built and designed more efficient cars . Will pigs fly I wonder ?They have relied too long on selling cheap rubbish with attractive finance deals rather than quality engineering and design that actually make their cars a sound purchase.

24 December 2009

100% GM, give Saab the chance it deserves - there are 2 bidders with the cash to do a deal now - what are you scared of?

24 December 2009

[quote saaby]

100% GM, give Saab the chance it deserves - there are 2 bidders with the cash to do a deal now - what are you scared of?

[/quote] i suspect they are scared of saab stealing sales under new ownership from there premium brand cadillac and possibly vauxhall if a future saab has a volvo c30 rival because the new owners may actually care about the saab brand and bring out newer up to date models so by scrapping them it leaves them more chance to sell more caddys however that will never happen in europe! cadillac has never been accepted they would be aswell just backing out of the uk altogether and GM would be aswell saving the money importing them over! i'd love to see how many cadillacs have been sold since they came to the uk! not the first time around of course when they were sold through vauxhall dealerships with the seville what a disaster that was!

24 December 2009

Eddie, that's the point isn't it? Not too many Saab people, say none, will ever want a Caddy!

Support the pressure on GM to close a deal with either bidder rather than close Saab by visiting

I have owned a number of Vauxhalls in the past and currently as a 2nd car and they are good cars, but I will not buy another if GM kill Saab unnecessarily.

24 December 2009

[quote saaby]I have owned a number of Vauxhalls in the past and currently as a 2nd car and they are good cars, but I will not buy another if GM kill Saab unnecessarily.[/quote]

im totally with you on this one saaby ive only ever owned gm cars 12 in total and if saab go down the pan cos of GM being a bunch of @*@*s i will be changing brand and already looking at the vw group for my next! i dont want to as my past cars have all been extremely good but if it has to be it will be.

24 December 2009

after checking out the website i have noticed that Saab are no longer on the site as part of the GM group! That was quick work removing them :(

24 December 2009

Maybe this is the best option for Saab.

GM does not have money to invest and the money Saab has taken in the past has not been well used.

In China some old European models have done well. Rough roads, extreme climate, simpler maintenance and the chance of being seen as more prestigious than it is in Europe could all favour Saab in China.

GM is not stupid and probably hopes that Saab will do well enough for a few years in China without further development making it a threat in Europe and the Americas..

If the Chinese are smart they could use the brand name to develop and export the cars at which point GM might regret it. But they would need to do whatthe Koreans have recently managed in a shorter timescale.


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