Currently reading: Audi opens first digital showroom
Visitors to the new digital showroom can spec an Audi to their tastes and then digitally view their model in 1:1 scale screens

Audi has opened the doors to its first digital showroom in London, dubbed Audi City. The compact showroom — that showcases the marque’s model line-up digitally – gives the firm new outlets in major cities.

Visitors to the new digital showroom can spec an Audi to their tastes and then digitally view the model on large computer screens that fill much of the showroom’s interior space.

Details such as drivetrain, bodyshell or LED tech can also be presented 'in order to make innovations understandable on an intuitive level' according to Audi. 

Audi marketing and sales boss Peter Schwarzenbauer said: “Audi City combines the best of two worlds – digital product presentation and personal contact with the dealer.

“This new retail format brings us even closer to our customers – geographically, of course, but first and foremost in terms of the quality of our relationship. Audi City offers new freedom for tailor-made services and an even more individual contact with the customer.

“We are creating a one-stop shop for experiencing our brand,” added Schwarzenbauer.

Audi estimates that it will have opened 20 city-centre stores worldwide by 2015.

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Mini1 16 July 2012


Audi aren't the first to be trying out new formats in city centres. As far as high street retailers go, Waitrose and Tesco have already been trying out 'digital' supermarkets.

Not entirely sure whether it works for cars. I much prefer to sit in a car and have the opportunity to test drive, rather than look at it on a screen. Sure, this could work if they had cars in the showroom too (there is surely some space judging by the size of the unit they've got there) - but I agree, it doesn't seem the brightest idea to block the windows with what is effectively a massive geometric pattern.

Broughster 16 July 2012

This is great...

Presumably, there is a steering wheel and peddles by the screen and you can then take 'your' new Audi out for a spin, perfectly replicating the rather anodyne driving experience of most Audis?

When they get the version 2 software urban mummies will be able to practice parking their Audi Q7 in the middle of a busy street.....

Suzuki QT 16 July 2012

Whatever Next ...

Will Audi be installing a simulator - £5 a ride - so that potential customers can not only see a 'simulation' of their chosen vehicle but can get to feel how it drives on British roads? ...