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Designer of DS4 interior says car cabins need better interfaces

The long model cycles of cars will prevent manufacturers from ever being able to compete with computer giant Apple for cutting-edge in-car technology, according to the man behind the new Citroën DS4’s interior.

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Sean Johnson, who also designed the new C4’s interior, said car makers should be more concerned with their core business and there are some consumers who are “not interested” in advanced control systems and functions for the interior.

“We have to find the balance of making interiors not too complicated and easy to use, with better interfaces,” he told Autocar. “But for the automotive industry, it’s hard to keep up with Apple. Technology that may be radical at a car’s launch will be out of date two weeks later.”

Some of Citroën’s recent concepts have had radical interiors, most notably the rainbow-coloured Hypnos, and Johnson said the firm would “continue to innovate”.

“But any innovation needs to be justified,” he said. “Our DS cars are perfect for exploring this. We plan to keep pushing boundaries with DS and a lot is possible. We’re open and will give anything a go.”


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