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AMG boss Tobias Moers said it's “only a matter of time" before the UK gets a store; the first one opened in Tokyo this year

The introduction of a standalone AMG showroom in the UK is “only a matter of time”, according to AMG boss Tobias Moers.

Having launched the first AMG store in Tokyo earlier this year, the performance arm of Mercedes now has imminent plans for showrooms in Sydney, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.

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While Moers told Autocar that no discussions have started so far with regard to UK, he said it was “only a matter of time” for both the UK and its home market of Germany.

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“All the independent dealerships are seeing the chance to get money back,” said Moers, referencing the profitability of the AMG brand for dealerships.

He added that the showrooms would always share a workshop with a mainstream Mercedes outlet so needed to be close to one another.

Tokyo became the location of the first AMG showroom after local AMG staffers voiced an interest to AMG headquarters. While Japan is only AMG’s sixth largest market, AMG sales were up 21% in the country last year, making it the perfect test bed for the new venture.

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The showroom in the affluent Setagaya suburb has red and white ripple strips akin to a real race track, burn-out tyre marks and several AMG models on display.

Globally, AMG sales were up 44% last year on 2015, almost hitting the 100,000 mark. Moers is expecting double-digit growth this year too, though expects it to be more steady until the next wave of new products arrive in 2020 including the four-door GT saloon.

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bowsersheepdog 1 May 2017

Recipe for unrest in the network

One per country or are all the dealerships going to get the same treatment? Won't be popular if they stick one in London and AMG buyers from across Britain start going there to order their cars. Even if say 25% of dealers get an AMG conservatory tacked on the side, there's going to be an awful lot of annoyed dealers when their customers for top of the range cars start floating off to a dealer fifty miles away to buy from the place with the fancy display.
madmac 25 April 2017


AMG's of the real full fat 63 variety are totally different from the ground up than a standard Mercedes Benz.I frequently confirmed this when driving loaner "normal" Mercedes of various types for the 5 years I owned a C63.There is no comparison, just as with RS Audis and proper M BMW's.I have owned an RS but not yet an M BMW.
ianp55 25 April 2017

AMG As A Separate Brand

Just on word why???? most AMG Mercs are mainly cosmetic anyway does that deserve a stand alone dealer network?
Dre-D 29 April 2017



What are you on about? I believe you're confused with the 'AMG Line' trim that a lot of UK Benz models are specced with.

These are in no way, shape or form true AMG models, they're like BMW M Sport models; Slightly sportier bodykit and suspension but nothing close to what you'll get with a proper AMG/M car.