Currently reading: A14 toll plans scrapped as Government increases road funding
Plans to make motorists pay to use one of the UK's busiest transport routes have been dropped

The government's plans to introduce tolls on the A14 as part of the National Infrastructure Plan have been scrapped.

When the plan was first unveiled in July this year, the government announced it would be introducing toll charges on the A14 to help pay for improvements along the road, which is considered to be a vital transport route. Such improvements have been discussed for several years.

Local objections have now caused the scheme to be dropped, and the estimated £1.5bn cost of widening the road will be footed by the government. 

Plans announced today reveal a further £66bn will be put into new transport, energy and telecommunications projects. That's doubled from the £28bn that was promised in July, and was intended to improve the transport network, bring some of the UK's worst roads back up to standard and also fund new electric and low-carbon vehicle development.

As part of the National Infrastructure Plan, the government has also announced it will be putting £10 million into funding the development of driverless cars, with the aim of making the UK a world leader in autonomous driving technology.

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Ruperts Trooper 4 December 2013

There's an election coming

They'll not admit it but the government was worried about lost votes in the Suffolk area where they see the A14 Toll as a tax on them to go anywhere - and lost votes in the Huntingdon-Cambridge area because all the local routes would get clogged with traffic avoiding the Toll road. It should be noted that the upgrade is so penny-pinching that the road will be running at over-capacity on opening day with no room for expansion over the next decade or two. The A50 improvements are strange - yes, it's got 3 roundabouts near Uttoxeter and Sudbury that the upgrade will convert to grade-separated - but that's not where the A50 congestion occurs, it occurs at the ends of the A50 where it meets M1 and M6. Don't be surprised if the A14 Toll is reinstated after the election and the A50 improvements dropped.
catnip 4 December 2013

Ruperts Trooper wrote: Don't

Ruperts Trooper wrote:
Don't be surprised if the A14 Toll is reinstated after the election and the A50 improvements dropped.
Exactly. There'll be all sorts of announcements like this now we're on the run up to the next election.