Currently reading: UK car production down 31% in 2020 following November drop
SMMT figures show UK is on course to produce less than a million cars this year
Felix Page Autocar writer
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23 December 2020

Latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show that UK car manufacturing output is now down 31% year-on-year.

Output dropped 1.4% in November alone, with 106,243 units leaving UK factories. The SMMT said that although this is a "better performance" than previous months this year, it compares to November 2019, when many factories were shut in anticipation of a potential no-deal Brexit. 

Factors contributing to the ongoing decline, said the organisation, include the national lockdown that was imposed for much of the month and the "subsequent economic and political turbulence" that arose from that. 

Some 85.3% of cars were destined for overseas markets, with export volumes recording a slight (0.3%) boost in November, which the SMMT said highlights "the critical importance of free and fair trade with global markets to UK car makers".

Year-to-date, UK car production is now down 380,809 units compared to 2019, representing a loss of £10.5bn to the sector. According to the SMMT, the UK is on course to produce less than one million cars this year for only the second time since the early 1980s.

The figures come just days ahead of the UK's exit from the European Union. If the UK is unable to secure a trading deal and is forced to trade under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules, the sector stands to lose £55.4bn over the next five years, according to the SMMT. 

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes repeated his call for the UK to secure a trade deal ahead of its departure from the EU: "Yet another decline for UK car production is of course concerning, but not nearly as concerning as the New Year nightmare facing the automotive industry if we do not get a Brexit deal that works for the sector.

"With just nine days to go, the threat of ‘no deal’ is palpable and the sector, now also reeling from the latest coronavirus resurgence, Tier 4 showroom lockdowns and disruption at critical UK ports, needs more than ever the tariff free trading arrangements on which our competitiveness is founded."


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scotty5 24 December 2020

Nothing to report today (24th), apart from that last minute trade deal being agreed of course, which some of us predicted would happen from the word go.

Don't expect any cries of relief or anything positive tho because Hawes and the rest of the remoaning mob will either find flaws in that deal or something else completely different to moan about.

What about talking our industry up for once instead of constant pessimism over the past 4 years?



xxxx 23 December 2020

Not forgetting germany export more cars to the uk than to any other country and the eu export more cars to uk than we export to the eu. More evidence for you.

Strawman_John 23 December 2020
Germany exports 14% of cars to UK. UK exports more than 50% of its cars to EU. So both suffer but the UK suffers more. That is why the German government and car makers do not intervene as they know that the EU brings more benefit than the UK to them.
Strawman_John 23 December 2020
Plus the EU knows it is easier for them to replace UK cars than the UK to replace EU cars. We will just have to suck up the cost of cars rising in cost.
Strawman_John 23 December 2020
Based on past stats under 20% of cars made in UK are for the UK about 51% are for the EU leaving about 33% for the rest of the world. So at least half of the cars produced in the UK are for the EU.

Or put it another way the EU is twice as important as the UK market for cars built in the UK.

Supply of parts from the EU are also important and extra costs in needless paperwork and extra shipping time.

Why is it Brexiters are so keen to harm our country. Why do they keep refusing to accept the evidence as told by those who know.

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