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Designer responsible for the DBX, DB11 and Valkyrie will lead reinvention of Renault-owned value brand

Aston Martin director of design Miles Nürnberger has left the British brand after 13 years to take up a similar role at Dacia.

Nürnberger joined Aston in January 2008 as design manager, having worked for Ford's US-market luxury brand, Lincoln, from 2000-2003, and from then until 2007 as the senior designer for Citroën and Peugeot.

During his time at Gaydon, he has been predominantly concerned with exterior styling, with recent works including the firm's landmark DBX SUV, Valkyrie hypercar and the two Lagonda Vision EV concepts. 

He was also responsible, alongside his partner Leighanne Earley, who also works in Aston Martin's design division, for the design of the DB11 coupé. More recently, he penned the one-off Victor coupé and the limited-run, Vantage-based V12 Speedster.

His departure from Aston Martin comes as the firm gears up to launch a radical expansion and electrification programme under new CEO, ex-AMG boss Tobias Moers. 

A reason for Nürnberger's switch hasn't been officially given.

In his new position as design director at Renault-owned value brand Dacia, he will report to group design boss Laurens van den Acker as the wider company progresses with the radical 'Renaulution' transformation strategy detailed by new CEO Luca de Meo earlier this year.

Assuming the role from 1 September, he will replace Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, who left the position in April this year after less than 12 months and now heads up Alfa Romeo design.

Nürnberger will be responsible for adapting the rugged Bigster SUV concept, Dacia's largest model yet, for production by 2025. Another two new models have been promised by the Romanian company, but their positioning remains under wraps. 

Van den Acker said of Nürnberger's appointment: "We are very pleased to welcome Miles Nürnberger into our team at such an exciting time for the Dacia brand.

"Miles is a renowned designer who has inspired many with his work at Aston Martin. His experience and passion for building strong brands through design will be a great asset for Dacia and help us project Dacia into the future.”


Aston Martin chief designer Miles Nurnberger on the AM-RB 001​

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Call-It3000 26 June 2021

By his own account the new CEO is not bothered about his popularity, maybe he's been 'ripping a new one' for some of the vocal locals! Sure the cars will start to look more modern and technical

MkVII Golf GTI 26 June 2021

I wish whoever designed Autocar's comment system would move to another company so we could get something decent.  

Honestly, Renault-Nissan must have offered Nürnberger a HUGE (YUGE, as the Donald would say) raise for him to go from Aston to Dacia. Hopefully he won't be limited only to Dacia as the entire Nissan line also needs a major overhaul stylistically. 

Speedraser 25 June 2021

Now they need to get rid of Moers, who thinks he can "save" Aston Martin by making them out of AMG bits. He recently was quoted asking "why" should Aston spend money to make their own engine (the almost finished new Aston V6 he killed) when they can simply use AMG engines. If he doesn't know why, he has no business at Aston Martin.