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Journalists get a chance to test a Rover Maestro or a Rover 214 Si

Hyundai is raising money for charity by offering motoring journalists their own scrappage experience.

The Korean firm has seen sales soar in the UK since the scheme was announced in April, and it has added two new cars to its press fleet.

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Journalists will be able to sample either a Rover 214 Si or a Rover Maestro for the first half of the week before Hyundai swaps it for an i10, i20 or i30 for the second half.

The 1.3-litre A-series Masetro has only covered 28,000 miles and is described by Hyundai as "being in pretty good condition", while the 214 isn’t as fortunate, "as it has a dent in nearly every panel".

Under the rems of the scheme, Hyundai will donate £20 to Women on the Move Against Cancer (WOMAC) foe every 100 miles undertaken in one of the old Rovers.

A selection of sausages, once voted ‘Britain’s best bangers’, are also on offer for anyone taking part.

Mark Tisshaw

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