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Super-frugal versions of the BMW 1-series likely to be sold with EfficientDynamics badge

A series of super-economical versions of the upcoming front-drive BMW 1-series is in the works, and will likely be sold under the firm’s EfficientDynamics (ED) banner. 

One of the drivetrains will be a plug-in hybrid that uses either a three-cylinder petrol or diesel engine. This model is expected to be rated below 50g/km under current EU regulations.

There will also be super-frugal 1-series models that use more conventional technology, including optimised aerodynamics, lowered suspension, underbody cladding and narrower wheels and tyres.

It’s also expected that the automatic versions of the 1-series will have the option of a built-in, fuel-saving coasting feature. 

However, BMW sources have hinted to Autocar that this ED and hybrid technology might not be shared with Mini, even though the new Mini family and the 1-series share the same platform. 

One senior source said that the majority of the BMW 1-series range needed to have very low CO2 ratings to help offset the higher emissions of BMW’s larger models. According to EU rules, the average CO2 figure across a manufacturer’s fleet will have to be just 95g/km by 2020.

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scotty5 8 August 2013


Hope the 'active tourer' concept doesn't represent the new 1 series styling as I'll miss those cute looks of the current model.

fadyady 8 August 2013

Under current EU regulations?

Darren Moss wrote:

...This model is expected to be rated below 50g/km under current EU regulations...

This sentence implies an update to the EDC is in the pipeline? Is that so?

I'll be so very glad when Europe finally sorts out its defunct drive cycle.

US drive cycle rating is closer to reality and more achievable and beatable.

US drive cycle has also worked out the equivalent rating for electric cars.

devil's advocate 8 August 2013

More BMW PR and............

BMW PR & spin from Autocar, or should that be BMW & MINI weekly?