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UK Infiniti Q50 sales are projected to match those of the firm's total sales in 2012

Sales of the Infiniti Q50 in the UK next year are expected to match the firms’ total registrations for the whole of 2012. Steve Oliver, Infiniti’s regional boss for north Europe said he hopes to sell 500 of the BMW 3-series rival next year.

Speaking at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Oliver said: “At the moment Infiniti needs cars on the road - we need visibility. The Q50 will give us that. By the end of the next financial year, March 2014, we should have sold 500 Q50s in the UK - that’s a modest goal, but it is the same as the entire number of cars we sold in 2012. 

“That is a recipe for sustained growth, and that is the only goal we have - we’re not interested in quick wins.

“The Infiniti Q50 is our breakthrough car. It offers both a European-focused engine, plus the benefit of a petrol hybrid that offers performance and low emissions. We have something to offer everyone, and we sense that there is a growing desire among private and fleet buyers to break away from the big three German marques. We feel the Q50 is a very credible car, and that should serve us well.

“After the Q50, our BMW 1-series rival is the next focus. The Q50 is a product that should change perceptions of the brand and sell well. It lays the groundwork for the next car, which should really help us build momentum. Again, we know there should be volume there, and we really believe we can bring something new to market.”

Oliver also outlined plans to develop Infiniti’s 8-strong UK dealer network.

“We have proven that customers of premium cars enjoy the bespoke service we are able to offer, and the key now is to extend our reach and thereby reputation. We have several sites under evaluation, and hope to grow in line with our sales volumes,” he said.

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Peter Cavellini 16 July 2013

Hmmmmmm!?,very interesting

Like the MG6, i haven't seen one or maybe noticed it on the road,it may be a good car,but at the moment not many are shelling out there own cash for one, specially if you are a Family of four say,company, middle management?......might get the sales there though.

Sporky McGuffin 16 July 2013

From my experience the main

From my experience the main problems with Infiniti are Angel they're not very interesting to drive and (b) they didn't seem terribly keen on selling me one.


The G37H I tried was comfy, lovely interior (apart from the 60s style clock), well kitted out and stupidly quick, but went around corners much like the company Avensis I was about to ditch - ie it did, but not very convincingly. Also it had a daft foot-activated parking brake and a tiny boot.

Dave Ryan 15 July 2013


If Infiniti wants to raise its profile in the UK and elsewhere, then I would suggest handing over a few of their Q50s to someone like RML to enter in the BTCC and WTCC might not be a bad idea. Seemed to work quite well for Volvo back in the day, after all. Otherwise, without a lot more marketing and a wider dealer network I feel they're going to struggle big time.