The most powerful Mustang ever produced has arrived at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, as part of a tribute to the late Carroll Shelby
Matt Burt
28 June 2012

The new Ford Shelby GT500, the most powerful Mustang ever, has made its UK bow at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in tribute to the late Carroll Shelby.

Specially shipped to West Sussex for its first appearance outside America, the supercar, which is only on sale in the USA, will be driven up the hill by guest race drivers during Lord March's weekend-long extravaganza.

The car's appearance honours Shelby, who died earlier this year. the automotive designer and former racer who was responsible for developing some of the Blue Oval's most powerful Mustang-based performance cars.

The latest Ford Shelby GT500 is powered by an aluminium 5.8-litre supercharged V8 engine, producing 653bhp and 631lb ft of torque. The most powerful engine ever in a North American production car, it propels the Shelby GT500 to a top speed of more than 200mph.

The Shelby GT500 has updated gearing to enhance the way it lays down its power, tuned suspension and an adjustable launch control system.

It is differentiated from other Mustang models by downforce-generating front grilles, a splitter, a new quad-exhaust system and new forged-aluminium wheels.

Prices for the Shelby Mustang GT500 in the USA start at $54,995, which equates to about £35,500 – although imported American metal usually undergoes a price hike when (or if) it reaches these shores.

Our Verdict

Ford Mustang V8 Fastback

The Ford Mustang is available in the UK in right-hand drive for the first time, but does the rest of this American muscle car fit the UK car scene?

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29 June 2012

You can say what you like about american cars - but this in america for £35k - thats a hell of a lot of fun.

Would rather one of these easy than a m3 or so - I know the m3 will be faster round bends etc - but would take the mustang anyday.

29 June 2012

If Ford (US) is beating his chest saying this is a great car, how come they've never engineered it for global markets that drive on the left,yeah, steering wheel on the right,and, sure, it's only £35K in the states,but add import duty and taxes,it will be the far side of £55K.Come in at that price point and all your buying is the Mustang heritage,no, if they did the steering wheel on the right aswell, then i could see the business case. 

Peter Cavellini.

29 June 2012


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