Currently reading: Vauxhall Adam to get new 1.0-litre three-pot engine
Geneva motor show debut for Luton manufacturer's frugal new powerplant, which will be available in Adam supermini in two states of tune
Matt Burt
2 mins read
17 February 2014

Vauxhall's brand new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder powerplant will appear for the first time in the Vauxhall Adam supermini at next month's Geneva motor show.

The new, all-aluminum Ecotec direct-injection turbocharged petrol engine – which is a competitor for Ford's groundbreaking 1.0 EcoBoost installed in cars such as the Ford Focus and Fiesta – has been developed at Vauxhall/Opel’s International Technical Development Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany.

The 12-valve engine will be offered in 89bhp and 113bhp power outputs. Both variants generate 122lb ft of torque at 1800rpm; almost 30 per cent more than Vauxhall's naturally aspirated 1.6-litre generates at the same rpm.

The lower-powered unit has stop-start fitted as standard and Vauxhall claims it can return 62mpg on the combined cycle, together with CO2 emissions of 99g/km.

Vauxhall set out to make the new powertrain the most refined in its segment by minimising balance, noise and vibration issues.

The Luton manufacturer explained that in bench testing at full throttle, the 1.0 unit emits lower noise levels across all engine speeds than similarly powerful petrol naturally aspirated engines of 1.6-litre displacement.

Countering the typical offbeat running characteristics of a three-cylinder engine is a chain-driven balancer shaft mounted in the sump. Noise reduction features include acoustically optimised engine covers, a specially tuned intake system and a low-hiss turbocharger compressor.

The 1.0 Ecotec marks the next step in Vauxhall’s powertrain offensive following the recent introduction of new 1.6-litre mid-size petrol and diesel engine families. The new engine strategy started in 2012 and will deliver up to 13 units by 2016.

The 1.0-litre unit, which was showcased at last year's Frankfurt motor show, is the first in Vauxhall's new SGE (Small Gasoline Engine) family and will spawn other lightweight aluminium three and four-cylinder petrol engines of between 1.0 and 1.6 litres.

The engine will go on sale in the Vauxhall Adam three-door hatch in the spring and will come mated to a new, compact six-speed manual transmission. It has a dry weight of 37kg – about 30 per cent lighter than transmission units it replaces.

The new gearbox will eventually be rolled out across the entire Vauxhall range.


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17 February 2014
I was quite interested in the Adam until I saw how flawed the current engine line up is. It will have certainly harmed its reputation, its needs a performance model asap too. Both the Adam and the Mokka seem to have been rushed into the market.

17 February 2014
Not only is the 122 lbft torque, 30% higher than the 1.6 - at 165 Nm it's almost as high as the 170 Nm of the 1.8 not so long ago

17 February 2014
Vayxhall's normally aspirated 1.6 engine generates 115lbft torque (155Nm).

So the new unit is up 6%, not 30%!

17 February 2014
better late than never i suppose, this engine should have been launched in the car at the start? should this car have be getting released now instead of a year ago with newer cleaner fuel efficient engines? probably.

17 February 2014
I think Vauxhall brought the Adam (and Mokka) to market as early as possible to gain as many sales as possible, probably assuming the buyers would not be overly interested in the engine, just the way it looked and styling options.
Vauxhalls new engine range is well overdue. The Family II engines were great when they were introduced in the 90's, but GM/Vauxhall rested on their laurels for too long.

17 February 2014
Only seems like yesterday that Ford brought out their small 3 cyclinder turbo to fanfare of people slagging it off saying it’ll break after 40,000 etc. Looks like it’s about to be mainstream hopefully leaving diesel power to the bigger cars, taxis and trucks of the world

17 February 2014
To a few people at least probably the more important news is the new gearbox, the previous 6 speed gearbox, the M32, was know as the 'chocolate gearbox', such was it's appetite for bearings.

17 February 2014
I've had a few emails giving me loads of different finance packages on Adam models. I've had my local dealer inviting me to a closed-door VIP opportunity to sign up for a new Adam. Now I know why!! Nothing like clearing out your existing stock before these new 1.0 litre engines arrive.

17 February 2014
...the SGE (and LGE) powertrains were created in partnership with MG's parent SAIC? I'm sure I read somewhere that MG is getting them in a year or two as well.

17 February 2014
If I read the story right, here we have two new turbocharged 1.0 3 cyl units, the lower of which produced 89bhp, emits 99g/km and is good for 62mpg. The more powerful unit is 112bhp but no further details are given.

Ford's lesser 3cyl turbo 1.0 produces 98bhp, emits 99g/km and 65mpg, with the more powerful producing 123bhp, still 99g/km and still 65mpg.

Two additional years development on Ford and Vauxhall still can't match them.


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