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Larger Jeep model to use Grand Wagoneer name, but is unlikely to be sold in Europe

Jeep will turn its attentions to launching a model bigger than the current range-topping Grand Cherokee, company chief Mike Manley has revealed at the Geneva motor show.

The new model is set to bring back the Grand Wagoneer nameplate to the strong-performing Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group brand.

“Above the Grand Cherokee there is an opportunity, especially in the US, China and the Middle East,” said Manley. “That’s where we’ll go next and the natural name is Grand Wagoneer.”

Manley said the model was unlikely to come to Europe as it would be too big for tastes here.

Beyond the Grand Wagoneer, Manley said he didn’t see there being many other SUV segments left to discover, other than a model smaller than the new supermini-sized Renegade the firm launched at the show.

“There might be the emergence of a small A-segment SUV,” he said. “But it’s not for Jeep at the moment. There’ll be those who will be pushing down there, but before we do it, we’d need to know we can be capable off-road. 

“I’m sure we could do it, but I don’t think that’s the case at the moment.”

The new Renegade and Cherokee mark the start of an expansion for Jeep as it looks to expand outside its traditional North American heartland. 

He believes the models have huge potential in Europe in particular, and the firm will “communicate the models properly” in an attempt to realise their potential. Indeed, on current predictions, the Italian-built Renegade is initially expected to record more sales in Europe than America.

Manley also said the demand from customers for a future electric or hybrid Jeep “was slowly growing” and the firm was ready to respond should the demand pick up to a level that can make a business case.

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