Currently reading: Mercedes-Benz mulls Aston Martin buyout
Daimler chief moves to quell rumours that his company is considering buying the UK supercar maker

Rumours are growing that Mercedes-Benz could buy Aston Martin.

Mercedes chief Dieter Zetsche did not rule out the possibility that his company, which already owns five per cent of Aston, might acquire the UK firm, although he did what he could to dampen the speculation that has been growing fast.

Aston has been short of powerful industry friends since it was sold by Ford several years ago - and the management knows it. 

“This is a fantastic brand, and we are willing to support its further development,” Zetsche said cryptically. He added that Aston had offered the CEO’s job to three individuals and had been rebuffed by two but now had a third in prospect.

AMG will develop the new V8 engine that will be supplied to Aston for the next generation of the Vantage, and will manufacture it in Germany.

Aston will specify its requirements for the engine, but AMG will program the ECU and do the testbed trails. Aston will work on installing it into the new Vantage.

The capacity is still being kept secret, but most likely it will be a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8, with about 480bhp, which is under development for the new C63 AMG.

Mercedes has made no secret in the past of its wishes to extend the partnership with Aston, with insiders at both companies hinting that the initial deal to supply engines and electronic components could be extended to include platform sharing as well.

Such a move would open up new opportunities for Aston Martin, chiefly the resurrection of its Lagonda SUV, which would be based on the Mercedes GL.

Additional reporting by Julian Rendell.

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gaco1 7 May 2014

I agree with Roadster and Speedraser...

...and fear that Trost will be proved right too.

What makes Aston Martin as a brand special is its ability to offer individual beauty, bespoke quality and exclusivity. These are derived from key ingredients, such as its own platform, engines made specifically for their models and their tasteful design language. All three are required to work in harmony, which they do. The only thing lacking is technology, and smaller capacity engines, which Aston could, should it wish to, approach numerous engineering companies who work in the background (i.e. Cosworth) to develop.

Instead they have made the mistake of approaching another competing brand keen to be in the spotlight. This is a mistake, for it will effectively compromise the AM brand.

Trost 2 May 2014

RIP Aston Martin

They should get into a partnership with JLR.

McLarens partership with Mercedes failed. The germans want it all.

optima 17 March 2014

Old news

This was mentioned in automotive news well before Xmas when the Cygnet was dropped. It had been mentioned "from an insider" that Aston were too use the Smart four two as the basis for a new Cygnet "type vehicle" and that the Lagonda name was to be used on a super limo to rival Rolls Royce and Bentley both of which are owned by Mercedes German rivals.