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The Toyota Auris range will expand this year with the introduction of the Touring Sports estate
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5 March 2013

More Toyota Auris Touring Sports specifications have been revealed at the Geneva motor show

Previously shown at the Paris motor show, the new British-built model represents the first time the Auris has been offered as an estate. An HSD version is also planned, which will be the only hybrid estate car in the C-segment.

The new Auris Touring Sports shares the hatchback’s 2600mm wheelbase, but is 285mm longer to increase bootspace. It features a 1.15m long and 1.45m wide loadbed The boot measures 550-litres with the seats up. Space grows to 1658 litres with the seats folded.

Improvements have also been made to accessibility. The boot sill is 100mm lower than the hatchback, making loading and unloading large items easier. One-touch Easy-Flat folding rear seats, false boot floor, luggage net, shopping bag hooks, roof rails and a 12v socket in the boot are standard on all models.

The Toyota Auris Touring Sports engine line-up will match that of the hatchback: 1.33- and 1.6-litre petrol units, a 1.4-litre diesel and a 1.8-litre hybrid which will emit 86g/km of CO2. Toyota claims clever packaging of the hybrid powertrain means there is no impact on practicality for petrol-electric models.

The expansion of the Auris range is part of Toyota’s aim for the model to secure a five per cent market share in the European C-segment by 2014.


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The Toyota Auris is a spacious, but unspectacular attempt at a high quality Golf rival. Only the availability of a hybrid lifts it from obscurity

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Andyrep 17 February 2013

From a company car driver


i can see a big appeal to people like me "sales reps" I drive 40k miles a year my company pays for private fuel and I pay 40% tax I need a car with a big boot and i like my toys whilst i like to drive enthusiastically when I can and its safe to do so spend 80% of my time on he motorway at 70-80 mph 

i currently drive a skoda superb estate 140 elegance which for me is a great car BUT this costs me £373.00 in tax per month or £4476 a year to a government that invests very little of it back in to the road network and that's cash from my pocket !

so a fully loaded one of these will cost me around £150 ish per month saving me around £2600 per year and that's a family holiday in the sun for free in my eyes 


when can I place an order Smile 




fadyady 17 February 2013

Can't argue with figures

Andyrep wrote:


i can see a big appeal to people like me "sales reps" 

so a fully loaded one of these will cost me around £150 ish per month saving me around £2600 per year and that's a family holiday in the sun for free in my eyes 

when can I place an order Smile  

You make a valid point. The company I work for buys Prius for the same reason. It falls in the cheapest tax category. Its not the most cheerful or the fastest. But it is frugal, practical, full of gadgets and relaxing to drive.

I'm so hoping they go for the new Lexus IS 300h though.

Ratho1 16 February 2013

Car design

I think that car designers are their own worst enemy these days. They all to a man use the same computer programme to conform to ENCAP requirements and to to get that Cd value to a minimum, which means that all cars essentially look alike. What is left is a tweek on the corporate nose, slightly different headlamps and the odd crease down the side. German cars are like Russian dolls, all the same shape but progressively bigger. What we are left with is what goes on under the bonnet in terms of engines and suspension. Most drivers don't see this but feel it in their backsides and wallets, which leaves us with the choice of fast and expensive or cheap and cheerful. You takes your pick. Oh for the days of the 50s when cars were not all the same shape. Unfortunately everything else was much worse than now.

Flash Harry 16 February 2013

It is unfair to compare

It is unfair to compare Toyota cars to kitchen appliances.They are getting there design wise i believe.Lets face it it is better than the unresolved,ugly or extremely derivative design the so called 'German benchmark' makers are producing

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