Lamborghini has pulled the wraps off its €3.12m Aventador-based Veneno road-going racer

Lamborghini has celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Geneva motor show with the Lamborghini Veneno, a 740bhp, 221mph road-going racer based on the Aventador.

The Veneno is a production reality, but Lamborghini has said that all three units it will make have already sold for €3 million each plus taxes (around £3.12 million). The Geneva model is a Lamborghini prototype that it will continue to test on road and track.

The fundamental design is based on the Aventador, but there are several key changes to create what Lamborghini calls a “street-legal racing car”.

Its body, like the monocoque chassis, is fashioned entirely from carbonfibre-reinforced polymer. The bodywork is optimised for aerodynamic efficiency, creating downforce, reducing drag and cooling the 6.5-litre V12, which has had a 50bhp hike from its 690bhp state of tune in the Aventador.

The front end works as one large aerodynamic wing. The front wings are separated from the body, as on sports prototype racers.

The car’s underbody is smooth and channels air into a large diffuser, which houses four integrated exhaust pipes. Other features include an adjustable rear wing. The flared wheel arches house 20-inch alloy wheels at the front and 21-inch alloys at the rear.

The carbonfibre tub and aluminium subframes from the Aventador are carried over to the Veneno but adapted for its more extreme performance.

The engine benefits from enlarged air intakes, a higher rev limit and an exhaust system with a lower back pressure. The seven-speed automated manual gearbox, all-wheel drive system and pushrod suspension are also adapted from the Aventador.

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Lamborghini Aventador

The Lamborghini Aventador is big, bullish and ballistic, but it isn't perfect

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4 March 2013

Utterly, utterly bonkers.

10 March 2013

Went to the show without seeing any pictiures so saw this and 'LaFerrari' in the metal for the first time. Horrendous - front 3/4 ok but side on it looks worse than like that Chinese bloke's home-made Aventador. Someone summed it up nicely by saying it looked like the designer forgot to rub out all his mistakes as he was going along.


4 March 2013

For once, words fail me.

4 March 2013

For me this falls so short from those that these days are the true super-car makers (Pagani, Koeniggsegg, Gumpert). Much like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati or Porsche once were.

The art is lost for Lamborghini.

No doubt this is worth the absurd purchase price in engineering excellence alone but it's just got no class. Those red lines just kill it once and for all. Chasing Ferrari theme park status maybe?

Horacio Pagani must disappointed (or laughing all the way) this is the best a legend can produce...

Truly awful!

4 March 2013

Fantastic! Looks like it's from another planet. Why only build 3? I guess they'll end up as museum pieces, depressingly. 

4 March 2013

I'd love to do your foreign exchange trades. You say in the article that the car costs €3m or £3.12. Last time i checked, the EUR/GBP exchange rate was 0.8615 so €3m would be £2,584,698. Bit of a difference!

Let me know the next time you want to change some notes.



4 March 2013

Jeremy Taxman wrote:

I'd love to do your foreign exchange trades. You say in the article that the car costs €3m or £3.12. Last time i checked, the EUR/GBP exchange rate was 0.8615 so €3m would be £2,584,698. Bit of a difference!

Let me know the next time you want to change some notes.


The price quoted in euros is excluding local taxes.  In this country we have this thing called VAT which is 20%.  I think if you add the VAT that is required to paid in this country you'll find that Autocar have quoted the price including that thing called VAT.

5 March 2013

I think its abundantly clear the WRITER of this article does not work in finance. 

4 March 2013

£3,000,000 well spent! Congratulations to the buyers, for they have just won life.

4 March 2013

If it had a Mansory badge on it you'd all be saying how god damn awful it was.



You're not stuck in traffic - you are traffic!!


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