A front-engined, four-wheel drive Lamborghini GT is set to be revealed at the Geneva motor show
13 February 2013

Lamborghini looks set to steal the Geneva motor show headlines with a front-engined V12 GT that’s designed to rival the Ferrari F12.

Company chairman Stephan Winkelmann has told Autocar that Lamborghini will reveal “something truly extraordinary that’s based on the V12" at the Geneva motor show next month. The concept will form part of the company’s ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations.

According to Winkelmann, the car will have two doors, two seats and a V12 engine — but its underpinnings will not be based on those of the Aventador. This means that it will be a front/mid-engined car, just like the Ferrari F12, but featuring Lamborghini’s staple of four-wheel drive and forged carbon construction.

Autocar understands that the new Lambo will be a concept for future consideration, not a model that is confirmed for production.

Winkelmann has admitted that his main focus right now is persuading the board of the Volkswagen Group, which owns Lamborghini, to green-light the Urus SUV. “Everyone at Lamborghini wants this car to happen,” he told Autocar. “But now the decision is largely out of our hands.

“We would need to sell between 3000 and 4000 examples a year for the Urus to justify its financial investment, and I’m confident that we could do that. It’s a decision they [the VW board] will, I hope, make very soon.”

If given the go-ahead by VW, the Urus will sell for “approximately the same amount as a Gallardo” so expect £140k-£160k.

Although Winkelmann told Autocar that naturally aspirated engines remain key to Lamborghini when it comes to sports and supersports cars (like the Aventador and next-generation Gallardo, due in 2014), the situation would be different with an SUV. “In a car like that, a hybrid turbo would make more sense,” he said. 

It remains to be seen if the Volkswagen Group will allow Lamborghini to bolster its 50th anniversary celebrations at Geneva by announcing that a new third model will indeed be added to the range.

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13 February 2013

the car pictured looks like a modernised Islero, my favourite historic Lambo. I really hope they build something like it

13 February 2013

with one significant exception which is that the Islero isn't ugly.

13 February 2013

The Estoque is going to appear, so, what's all the fuss about, it's no oil painting, but, it's a Lamborghini, isn't it?

Peter Cavellini.

13 February 2013

Peter Cavellini wrote:

The Estoque is going to appear

Yep, surely the picture is just a [photoshop] cut 'n' shut of the Estoque 4 door saloon.

I find it hard to get excited about front-mid engined two-door V12 cars that are approx 5m long - pointless.

Give me the Alfa 4C (and the change) any day ...



You're not stuck in traffic - you are traffic!!

13 February 2013

So rather than actually "readying a Ferrari F12 rival" - which would be wonderful, all they are doing is showing a concept for future consideration, while giving priority to a stupid SUV. Dissapointed.

13 February 2013

It would be great to have super-GT from Lambo to rival the F12, but efforts need to be concentrated on delivering a Gallardo replacement soon. And a coventional GT to compete with the California, not to mention the DB9, XK etc wouldn't go amiss either.

13 February 2013

I really like look of that rendering effort. It even has a hint of American muscle car about it.

13 February 2013

Well, let's see... is the VWG board really going to approve a Lambo SUV, based on the 'Toerag'/Cayenne platform, for sandal-wearing chaps who're partial to a spot of falconry at weekends?

"Of course *cough* - Where do we sign? *kerching!* How much profit margin per unit, did you say??!! *cough, kerching, kerching* - we're not signing off a Lambo SUV, honest mein lieber!"

13 February 2013

yet another concept car by Lambo they may or may not make. Lamborghini is in grave danger of becoming a self-parody. Hate Ferrari all you want, but you can never accuse them of such stupidity. And if this rendition is anything to go by I'll still have the F12, thank you very much.

And where the heck is the Gallardo replacement?? Like the Golf-R cabriolet, this is a joke - and it's on you.

13 February 2013

I would love to see lamborghini do an FF rather than the Urus


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