Bertone follows up the original Jet 2 with a Rapide-based shooting brake

Design and coachbuilding firm Bertone has created this exclusive shooting brake version of the Aston Martin Rapide.

The car, called Bertone Jet 2+2, has been created for the Geneva motor show to celebrate both Aston’s centenary and 60 years of collaborations between Aston Martin and Bertone. The one-off creation also highlights Bertone Officina, the new high-end atelier department of the Italian company which caters for wealthy enthusiasts who want to design their own bespoke car.

The Jet 2+2 follows the Jet 2 concept car from 2004, which was a shooting brake version of the Vanquish. It has been commissioned as a strict one-off by an Aston Martin collector and has the Gaydon firm’s approval. 

The elegant Jet 2+2 retains the same mechanicals as the Rapide, and the same dimensions also. Power comes from a 470bhp version of Aston’s 5.9-litre V12 taken from the current Rapide, rather than the more potent 550bhp version from the upcoming Rapide S. That model also makes its debut in Geneva.

The biggest change from Rapide to Jet 2+2 is its altered shooting brake-style body. Stretched, muscular lines help accentuate the car’s sleek, elegant shape.

Bertone says the C-pillars are bent forwards and connected to the tall, muscular wheel arches to create a perception of movement even when the car is stationary. A sharply raked tailgate and pronounced rear end with a full-length LED light strip running through it helps complete the transformation from saloon to shooting brake.

Michael Robinson, general director of Bertone, said: “The Jet 2+2 has a new proportion. The whole rear end has been pushed forward and we’ve lifted it up to give a much more aggressive look towards the front of the car compared to the fastback version, which is more balanced. This car has a dynamic imbalance, which is a very important part of British design.

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Aston Martin Rapide

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“It’s halfway between an estate and a coupé. It’s not a car for going to IKEA to pick up furniture. Traditionally a shooting brake is a two-door design, but this is a four-door which is a new direction and I think we’ll see more and more of this type of car in the future.

“This car has an amazing attention to detail. Aston Martin is a maniac for attention to detail and the refinement of Astons today is extremely important for its clients and also for our clients. We fit well to the British design genre."

Inside the 2+2 cabin are four individual seats. Headroom is increased for rear passengers over the Rapide saloon thanks to the switch in bodystyle. The two rear seats fold flat and can be covered by a sliding cover to create a sizable luggage space, access to which is aided by a wide loading area when the tailgate is lifted.

Special wood, aluminium and two-tone leather trims have also been fitted to give the car the feel of that of a fine-tailored suit.

Robinson said Bertone was interested in expanding its work with individual clients: “What we are launching is the possibility of making hand-made, tailor-made cars for individual clients. The majority of our work is done in the business-to-business sector with the world’s OEMs, but now we are showing off our business-to-client achievements.

“A very nice man came to ask us if we could build him an Aston Martin shooting brake and the answer was ‘of course’.  The client came down to our headquarters and worked with us day and night to select all the details for the project. We’re very happy to work with individual clients in this way."

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25 February 2013

I have to admit I prefer the Rapide in shooting brake form over the normal traditional rear end, plus this design should give more headroom for rear passengers and more boot space.

To me its a win win.

shame its strictly a one-off 

25 February 2013

If there is any reasonable person in Aston's management, he should go to Bertone, buy this design, and replace current Rapide with Bertone's project.

No offence but current Rapide looks like a car from 1995 (especially back), and more over it looks like DB7 with extra door.

While Bertone's looks like proper limo.


25 February 2013

Aston Martin should build this with four-wheel drive and ditch any plans they have to enter the vulgar and pointless SUV market.  Given that manufacturers are always looking to carve new niches, one would have thought they would be better creating something unique rather than just following the herd.

25 February 2013

Quite agree with your comment, R32. This car looks amazing and a definite improvement on the 'ordinary' Rapide. There are too many other companies already doing, or about to do, up-market SUVs and I don't belive Aston can bring anything special to that market so they may as well just forget it.

Go to Bertone and buy this design and put it into production as soon as possible, I say.

25 February 2013

Wow this is a stunner, makes far more sense than the regular Rapide, if I was in the market for such a car I'd be begging Aston to make me one.

25 February 2013

Well, probably, the Sultan of Brunie or some other Oil rich potentate will have bought it and ordered more for his family.......

25 February 2013

I agree with the previous comments, THIS is the kind of direction Aston Martin should be going in. The Ferrari FF, Porsche Panamera are kind of competitors that they should be playing with, not ugly SUV's. This would also gives them an opportunity to further develop their design language as opposed to ballooning it into an SUV mold.

Good job Bertone! 

Aston get yourselves over to Bertone fast and ask to buy/licence or whatever it takes to make this a production reality (with more rear room!!). 

25 February 2013

Mrs. James Bond has found the perfect vehicle for running future secret agents to ballet recitals. I assume that carbon fiber sippy-cup holders are standard...

25 February 2013

This looks good and  Mrotom has said they should serious consider producing either this or something very similar soon.

25 February 2013

All of the above and a bit more besides. Good grief this is an absolute barnstorming winner of a design.

They should only make one.... after another, after another...



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