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All-new BMW 1-series rival caught undisguised on promotional photo shoot

The new Mercedes-Benz A-class has been spotted undisguised ahead of its Geneva motor show launch. The new model was spotted during a promotional shoot in Lanzarote and posted on YouTube.

Mercedes is turning the new A-class into a high-quality, sporty mainstream rival for the new BMW 1-series and Audi A3 models, leaving the new B-class to fill the role of the small MPV.

The Mercedes MFA platform that underpins the A-class will also be used for the new B-class, swoopy CLC sports saloon and Shooting Brake models, GLC off-roader and selected Nissan models as part of the Daimler-Renault-Nissan alliance. The new structure replaces the previous model’s ‘sandwich’ platform, which boasted a flat floor.

A so-called M270 range of petrol engines at launch will be virtually all-new 1.6-litre turbocharged units, one making 121bhp and 147lb ft, and the other 154bhp and 184lb ft, with maximum torque in both available from just 1250rpm. The engines feature Mercedes’ third-gen direct-injection system and stop-start. These engines will soon be fitted to C-class and E-class models too.

The OM651 family of turbodiesels at launch will have a capacity of 1.8 litres. It will initially come in 107bhp/189lb ft and 134bhp/221lb ft states of tune.

Alongside the standard six-speed manual gearbox, a light, compact seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox will be offered. Mercedes claims that this delivers nine per cent better economy than the CVT gearbox it replaces.


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xxxx 6 February 2012

Re: New Merc A-class undisguised

First Merc every I've liked the look of, ekkkk I must be getting old.

scoch 6 February 2012

Re: New Merc A-class undisguised

Have to say that is a fantastic looking thing. Anyone who thinks a 1 series lookks better than that must have their eyes painted on.

I am of course comparing it the the previous A class which had been beaten with an ugly stick!

Has to be a better prospect than another dull Golf!

I think Mercedes are currently getting a lot right.

superstevie 5 February 2012

Re: New Merc A-class undisguised

Engelbert wrote:
hamp wrote:
Looks good, smart and contemporary - struggling to see what others here can find so offensive about it?
To me, it looks like a car that's been designed by the blind for the blind. Seriously, until this car came along, I didn't think any car could be as ugly as the new BMW 1-series. In the country I live, the 1-series was released in November 2011 - but I still haven't seen one on the road. Am I surprised?! E
Are we looking at te same car? No way this is as ugly as the 1-series. Plus, seen a fair few 1s on the roads of central belt of Scotland