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The new Jaguar XF Sportbrake makes its debut at the 2012 Geneva motor show
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6 March 2012

The new Jaguar XF Sportbrake has been revealed at the Geneva motor show. Jaguar will launch the rear-drive XF Sportbrake with volume-selling diesel engines for UK sale starting in November.

The Sportbrake is entirely new from the B-pillars back and is said to be just as torsionally stiff as the XF saloon, despite the tailgate opening. Jaguar’s distinctive and sometimes controversial black C-pillar detail has been carried over from the Jaguar XJ saloon. A new roof design and modified rear door frames and windows release an extra 48mm of headroom for rear-seat passengers. The rear seats are a new design, featuring a 60/40 split and an integral ski hatch. Levers in the load bay allow the seat backs to be dropped while accessing the luggage area through the tailgate opening.

With the seats up, boot volume is a roomy 550 litres, although its main rivals all possess more load space. The Audi A6 Avant and 5-series Touring each offer 560 litres and the Mercedes E-class estate has a 696-litre hold. With the seats down, the Sportbrake boasts 1675 litres of load space. That’s slightly bigger than both the A6 and the 5-series, which both have a 1670-litre capacity. However, the E-class still tops the class for all-out load-carrying ability, with 1765 litres.

Seats down, the XF Sportbrake also scores with a 1.97m long and 1.06m wide load bay — sufficient for bags of golf clubs to be stored sideways, Jaguar claims.

The central section of the boot floor is hinged into three sections and can be used as a divider to stop smaller items of luggage from rolling around. There’s also storage space under the floor and two full-length aluminium floor rails to which nets and retaining bars can be attached. Jaguar says the load area is trimmed in the same high-specification carpet as the front of the cabin. If the detachable towbar is specified, there is a dedicated space under the boot floor in which to store it.

The tailgate is made partly from SMC (sheet moulded composite) to save weight and it has a soft-close action. It can also be specified with power-operated opening and closing. Self-levelling rear air suspension is standard on all versions of the Sportbrake, replacing the standard-issue coil springs of the saloon. This, says Jaguar, ensures that the car’s handling characteristics remain unchanged even when the car is laden. Using the towbar activates Jaguar’s Trailer Sway Mitigation system, which uses the anti-lock braking and stability control systems to “reduce the risk” of a trailer snaking.

Adrian Hallmark, global brand director said: "It opens up the XF to a whole new market. It's for families who want dynamics and luxury, as well as practicality."

Ian Callum, design director said: ""It's the most versatile Jaguar ever, but it's still very much a Jaguar. It's a segment we've never been in before.


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"Designing an estate car gives you more possibilities. We've extended the roofline, and given a dramatic side window graphic. There's 48mm more headroom for rear passengers and up to 1675 litres boot capacity with 60/40 rear seats folded. The load space is also trimmed with the same premium materials as the front."

When the Sportbrake is launched, there will be a choice of four diesel engines: the 2.2-litre, four-cylinder unit in 161bhp and 187bhp guises, and the twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 in two states of tune: 237bhp and 271bhp.

Two exterior design packages will also be available. The Aero pack (which is standard on the S model) adds a deeper front bumper, side sills and rear valance. The Black pack replaces the exterior brightwork with gloss black trim and dark-coloured wheels.

Jaguar won’t hint at the likely showroom price for the Sportbrake, but an entry-level 2.2-litre diesel model should come in at about £32,500 and a range-topping 3.0D S about £44,300. 

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29 February 2012

"More pics" link is broken. Link in text body to see official photos takes you to a broken page.

29 February 2012

This looks to be on the money, if long overdue.Its much preferable to the oversized and overweight SUV's out there.Yes that is a dig at LR too.

29 February 2012

[quote Autocar]a pair of scorching 542bhp XFR versions, one with four-wheel drive and another with rear drive.


ahhhhh there is justice for growing old - imagine getting a coffin in a hurse like this for you last trip to the pearly gates.... must make sure I write something in my last will and testical

29 February 2012

[quote petrolheadinrussia]

hurse[/quote] [quote petrolheadinrussia]

testical[/quote] With reference to your thread 'None for the road' maybe you were on the vodka last night?

29 February 2012

ooops its early !!!

29 February 2012

Something about this really grates: I don't know if it's the stupid name ("right, marketing team, a Jaffa Cake for the first to think up yet another name for an estate car"), that the rear end strikes me as derivative (shades of Audi, Ford and Vauxhall estates) or the memory of the X-type estate.

Also I think you'll find the Merc E-class estate's boot capacity with the seats down is something over 1900 litres.

Maybe it's because it's early and I haven't had a coffee yet.

29 February 2012

Now, with a four wheel drive version on the way (and why not, they have the tech at their disposal), is it a possibility that at some point during the model cycle they will offer an "allroad" version, aka Audi A6, etc?

Also begs the question, with the cost of re-engineering the XF floor pan to take a four wheel drive system are we going to see a more car style Range Rover spun off the same architecture?

29 February 2012

I think this is probably the best looking car to have come from Jag in quite some time (a much better effort than the mishmash XJ or the same again XK etc).

Couple of caveats though, the low roof, which certainly lends a sporting look to the profile, can't do the rear/boot space much good and that interior is really looking dated now. Otherwise, full marks in styling terms to Jag.

29 February 2012

Not entirely convinced by the pictures will have to wait till I see a real one .

Cant help but think this has a really high waistline and not much glass . Frankly I think my old Rover 75 tourer was a better looking car . The Jag looks too heavy and clumsy to me . I have also read that the seats in the Jag are not very supportive . Unforgiveable in a £30k car .

It might be better in the metal though . I would like to support the home side and have one of these but hate to say I think the new BMW 3 series touring will be the better all rounder . Then again the last RHD BMW I drove had offset pedals !

29 February 2012

This is supposed to be a 'lifestyle' estate along the lines of the forthcoming CLS 'estate' or whatever they are going to call it.

The boot capacity is not the important thing, style over capacity.

Jaguar ARE a sports car brand and should be doing cars that have a GT bias to them.

Exactly what the XF and new estate are and unfortunately not the XJ.

Perhaps, with JLR holding the Rover name they could revive it to produce an E-class load lugger competitor off the same platform, leaving the XF to compete with the style brigade.


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