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The Hyundai i30 wagon shares engines and running gear with the five-door, but has more rear room
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4 March 2012

The new Hyundai i30 wagon has been revealed at the Geneva motor show. The C-segment i30 wagon shares engines and running gear with the i30 five-door, but has a longer body to create an increase in trunk space.

The wagon’s overall length is increased by 185mm to 4485mm compared to its five-door sibling. It is also 10mm longer than the outgoing i30 wagon.

Compared with the five-door, the wagon expands trunk space from 378 litres to 528 litres – and with the rear passenger seats folded down, cargo volume increases to 1642-litres.

Like the hatchback version – which Autocar has already driven and you can read about here – the i30 wagon was designed and engineered specifically for European customers at Hyundai’s European R&D Centre in Rüsselsheim, Germany. It was developed alongside the hatchback from the earliest stages.

Although the front is similar to the five-door hatch, from the B-pillar backwards the wagon differs significantly. It has an extended, sloping roofline and a pronounced swage line that runs along the sides of the body and rises to the rear lights. The rear windscreen wraps around the D-pillars and the deep tailgate opens to bumper-level for easy loading.

Although the full UK specification will be confirmed at a later date, the i30 Wagon will be offered across Europe with the same three petrol engines and three diesel engines as the five-door. That means power outputs ranging from 89bhp to 126bhp for the oilburners and 99bhp to 133bhp for the petrol variants.

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23 February 2012

Can the cover be mended?

23 February 2012

The i30 estate was an under-rated car, shame it'd been compromised on space compared to the Ce'ed though. I drove one about 1 1/2 years ago and it was very decent, although the interior of the last-gen i30 was always a bit iffy. Having made it longer they obviously decided they could make the back end more "sporty", which is a shame, as a properly vertical tailgate is far more useful.

23 February 2012

From the back, it looks like a Suzuki Liana hatchback.

23 February 2012

Is glass expensive in Korea? Both Hyundai and Kia seem intent on minimising the size of windows.

23 February 2012

Personally, I don't think it looks too bad. Will be interesting to compare hatch and wagon side by side. (Any talk of a saloon?) Hyundai continues with its remarkable onslaught of new models....... E

23 February 2012

Certainly looks better than the previous generation model and a usefully bigger load space.

I can see this going down well on the fleet lists.

23 February 2012

[quote Autocar]to create an increase in trunk space.


Trunk space? Ye Gods, has Autocar finally succumbed to using Americanisms now or is this just a copy'n'paste from a Hyundai press release?

23 February 2012

looks like the Focus estate from the back, but better

23 February 2012

[quote TegTypeR]I can see this going down well on the fleet lists[/quote]

Me too. If Hyundai make the entry-level petrol and entry-level diesel cheap enough, then it should do very well on the fleet market indeed.

24 February 2012

I don't like that swooped up line on the front wings over the wheel arch. I don't like it on the Mazda 3 or 6 either.

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