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GM Europe and PSA Peugeot Citroën are reported to be discussing an alliance in Europe
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23 February 2012

GM Europe and PSA Peugeot Citroën are reported to be discussing an alliance to develop and build cars. A report in the Financial Times suggests the two companies have been talking for several months about forging a European-based partnership.

With both companies announcing significant financial losses in Europe last week, a tie-up would be attractive, particularly in terms of research and development on future products.

According to the FT, the potential link-up would involve joint development and production of engines, transmission systems and vehicles.

Although there has been no official comment from either GM or Peugeot, France’s labour minister Xavier Bertrand confirmed earlier this week that Peugeot’s chief executive Philippe Varin had informed him of talks about a partnership with GM.

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Nick Rutter 28 February 2012

Re: GM, Peugeot alliance rumoured

I've just read on that it's all but confirmed that GM will take a 7% stake in Peugeot.

One wonders, given GM's recent form and Peugeot's range, whether that's 7 per cent too much. On the other hand it could end up being good for both companies.

Rather oddly the FT article speaks of the alliance mainly helping in Europe but then goes on to say that "Peugeot also sells cars in Latin America and China" as if it's they who have a firmer root in those places. Yet I would have thought that GM would be the stronger in China and South America?

Anyway, expect an announcement shortly.

Oilburner 24 February 2012

Re: GM, Peugeot alliance rumoured

Maybe. But the Vauxhall diesels aren't exactly without problems either...

The PSA 1.6 HDI tends to be good as long as the oil is changed regularly, and the right oil is used. So maybe the fleet was pushing their luck?

Also, you must not change the oil when it is cold or use suction methods. A cheapo garage doing fleet servicing probably wouldn't know this.

sirwiggum 24 February 2012

Re: GM, Peugeot alliance rumoured

Fleets used to love the 406.

However the 407 gave Peugeot a bad rep, especially the overstressed 1.6HDi.

I know of a small fleet that got rid of their 407s and went onto Vectras and later Insignias.