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New range of M cars - BMW M Performance Automobiles - will bridge gap to standard range

BMW has confirmed an expansion of its BMW M performance division with the creation of a new range of vehicles to be sold under a new name-plate, BMW M Performance Automobiles.

The new range, to be unveiled at the Geneva motor show, will bridge the gap between BMW’s standard range of cars and the M models. All models will be developed by BMW M engineers, and will be rolled out to “a wide variety of model series, as well as both petrol and diesel-engined variants”, according to BMW M chief, Friedrich Nitschke.

All-wheel drive will play a prominent role in the new line-up, Nitschke added.

The first two models that will launch under the M Performance Automobiles are understood to be high-performance diesels, equipped with a new tri-turbo in-line six engine with 376bhp and a mighty 546lb ft. The M5 550d xDrive and X6 M50d xDrive are the badges understood to be used for the range-topping 5-series and X6 diesel variants.

We are targeting our efforts at customers looking for more emotionality and more performance, but who don’t want to forgo the everyday usability of their cars,” said Nitschke.

The range has been conceived in the tradition of the M535i, which sat alongside the M5 in BMW’s range in the 1980s. “Our aim with the BMW M Performance Automobiles is to continue this tradition,” added Nitschke.

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Peter Cavellini 13 January 2012

Re: BMW confirms new M range

Emotionality?.....Dr Johnson missed that word!,or is it just to shore up profits?

Vimeous 13 January 2012

Re: BMW confirms new M range

M535i and M5 I understand. The first is a spicier mass market 5-series, the second a more specialised machine based on a 5-series.

M5 and M5 550d xDrive? The first is a specialised machine based on a 5-series, the second a specialised machine based on a 5-series that is also a spicer mass market diesel 5-series with a funky transmission. If ever a car didn't know what it was it's this monstrosity of competing monikers.

M550dx; M5-50dX; M5d Vier; M5d IV, there are all sorts of options.

What's wrong with:
M5 - Alpha Male
M550 - Wolf
550M - Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
550 - Sheep

/end rant

And relax ......

TBC 13 January 2012

Re: BMW confirms new M range

if you want to make more money, especially in the automotive industry, and you already make a perfectly good range of cars; pander to the tender egos of your potential clients.

Nothing like stroking an ego to loosen a wallet....