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The Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification has sportier handling and some mild tweaks

A sporting interpretation of the Bentley Mulsanne has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show today. The Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Driving Specification features sports-tuned suspension and steering as well as a raft of bespoke design features that set it apart from other variants of Crewe’s flagship.

The Mulliner Driving Specification is angled towards Bentley drivers who want a Mulsanne with a sportier look, feel and character.

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The car’s Drive Dynamics Control system, which allows the air suspension and steering systems to be tuned to a preferred driving style, now has a ‘Sport’ setting. Operated by the rotary switch mounted next to the gearshift selector, ‘Sport’ provides enhanced grip, body control and steering accuracy without compromising ride comfort.

The new variant of the four-door saloon also gets new 21-inch, light aluminium alloys with race derived titanium fasteners, bright-finished rims and 265/40 ZR21 tyres. The accelerator and brake pedals of the Mulliner Driving Specification are made from drilled alloy.

The cabin gets a driver-focused look and feel, including diamond quilted leather seats and door casings and tactile ‘knurled’ finishes to the major controls.

Exterior design touches unique to the car include sweeping wing vents made from cast, polished stainless steel that emulate Bentley’s ‘Flying B’ emblem and a black matrix grille.

There are no performance tweaks to the 505bhp, 6.75-litre V8 under the bonnet of the Mulsanne, which means it keeps the standard car’s claimed 0-60mph sprint time of 5.1 seconds and a top speed of 184mph.

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nosha 24 February 2012

Re: Sportier Bentley Mulsanne unveiled

Hi Queen Vicky, fair enough. I guess I would have to agree with you there. It's a shame Mercedes have chased volume and expanded down the food chain so much it has affected their focus at the top of tree. However you could say that is why they have stayed independent and unlike Rolls Royce and Bentley have not had to be bought out by BMW and VW respectively. It is certain, if the buyouts hadn't have happened, both marques would have been dead and buried or churning out archaic barges. Agree, the maybach was a disaster, they ruined a historic brand in the process when it could and should have been so much better!

Aly1000 24 February 2012

Re: Sportier Bentley Mulsanne unveiled

I want one! Although I often wonder why it isnt All Wheel Drive? Rollers arent either but I can semi-understand why they arent.

nosha 24 February 2012

Re: Sportier Bentley Mulsanne unveiled

Each to their own but I would argue that someone who had an infinity and respect for Mercedes can be a car enthusiast. In fact I would suggest any car enthusiast despite their personal preferences cannot dismiss the company who invented the automobile and has probably introduced more innovations seen in all cars than most other manufacturers combined. If you wish to consider pedigree, desirability and status then perhaps look at some of the industry's greatest ever models, SSK, 300SL Gullwing, 600 Grosser, Pagoda SL. Need I go on? I love old school Bentley's and Rolls Royce models but to dismiss an S65 AMG or current model S600 means you should spend some time in one. (Did you see the Top Gear episode recently when Bentley refused to provide a car?)