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Electric car can be transported from city to city by train

Concept car specialist Rinspeed has shown off its UC? electric car at the Geneva motor show.

It measures 2.5 metres in length, has a top speeed of 68mph and a range of 75 miles, and has been designed to fit in a rail carriage so it can be transported from city to city. UC? takes its name from both Urban Commuter and the phrase "You See?".

See the Rinspeed UC? pics

Concept car touches feature strongly; it has a joystick instead of a steering wheel.

"It’s a new and highly emotional web-based car that interweaves individual and public transport in an intelligent way," said Rinspeed boss Frank Rinderknecht.

Rinspeed says the car has been designed with production in mind and that it is in talks with manufacturers to turn its creation into a reality.

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Mini1 3 March 2010

Re: Rinspeed UC? city concept car

Fiat 500 doors, boot lid, front lights. Alfa Romeo MiTo rear lights. Hmm. Bit of a pattern there. Still, it's an interesting concept.

Walking 15 February 2010

Re: Rinspeed UC? city concept car

Wouldn't it make more sense to simplify this and have pool cars? It’s really quite stupid you drive to your departure station and leave your car with hundreds more if you can find a space. Then when you arrive at your destination and need a car for a short trip there is a car park full of cars you can’t use.

It seems silly to transport cars all over the country when there is perfectly good cars not in use at your destination. I think the pool car schemes offer a potential solution but haven’t covered all the bases yet.

Jon Hardcastle 15 February 2010

Re: Rinspeed UC? city concept car

Fiat 500 front, and switch gear, from the side it has the profile of the Four-two. What conceptual about this? rip off Fiat with a bit of leather cladding and some marketing Boll-cks form some small time boss. How desperate are Rinspeed?

If your going to come up with a concept car surely the ethos is to create something new and exciting that will showcase future design and technology trends instead of do what this car has done and showcase what's already available form most other manufacturers.

I really can't believe they have wasted our time with this let alone there time