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Speed pack raises top speed from 155mph to 174mph
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2 March 2010

The fastest ever Jaguar XKR coupe has been unveiled at next month's Geneva motor show.

The revised Jaguar XKR has a top speed of 174mph, raised from 155mph, and will be displayed with new performance and styling packs.

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“With 503bhp and 461lb ft of torque, the XKR has immense reserves of power and acceleration," said Russ Varney, chief programme engineer, XK Series.

"The car has always had the potential to reach speeds far beyond its original electronically limited maximum and many of our customers have expressed an interest in a car that can safely be driven faster where conditions permit.”

The speed pack - which costs £3500 - works via an engine and transmission recalibration, and to ensure the car remains stable at high speeds it sports a revised front aerodynamic splitter and larger rear spoiler. The Active Differential Control unit also adjusts to reduce steering sensitivity at very high speeds, further improving stability.

XKRs fitted with the speed pack will come with body-coloured side sills and rear diffuser, and a chrome finish to the window surrounds and upper and lower mesh grilles. In addition, the brake callipers will be painted red.

Buyers can also opt for a Black pack - available only in black, white or red body colours - which adds gloss black 20-inch alloys, and a gloss black finish on details such as widow surrounds and grilles. Interior changes include new colours of stitching. It costs £500.

In addition, all 2010 Jaguar XKR coupe and convertibles will be sold with red brake callipers as standard. All XKRs and XKs will also be sold with a tyre repair kit rather than a spare tyre - buyers can opt for an accessory suitcase to fit in the 30-litre wheel well.

Jaguar XK prices

XK 5.0 Coupe £61,955XK 5.0 Convertible £67,955XK 5.0 Portfolio Coupe £66,955XK 5.0 Portfolio Convertible £72,955XKR 5.0 Coupe £74,955XKR 5.0 Convertible £80,955 Twitter - follow all the latest Jaguar XK reviews, news and video


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dipdaddy 17 February 2010

Re: Fastest ever Jaguar XKR unveiled

I think its a good looking car looking even better but need more power. the goodwood XKR had way more than 510bhp so shouldn't this have that power? If you coming out with a revamped styled XKR might as well go the full way and give it the 510+bhp. who knows what is happening inside Jag's R+D. i wouldn't mind a stripped out carbon fibre XKR as a track day race car. there are too many companies out there that do styling body kits but it seems there is no substance in it. however, if i had the dosh i'd buy this over any other car offered in its range by other companies and maybe keep it for life - its beautiful. the XKD would do but i would think a 300+bhp 3.5litre would be good. i think the Land rover V8 diesel is too big to fit under the hood so the V6 would have to do. but at least they are making headway and once those sales pick up it can start investing and it won't be held back by aston martin like the XKRR and DB7 GT but go head to head with them, business as usual so bring it on!!

Stephen Guckel 17 February 2010

Re: Fastest ever Jaguar XKR unveiled

230SL wrote:
Very nice, but where is their 2.0 Estate to compete against the 520d? Man can not live off jam alone.

This story is about the Jaguar XK, 230SL.

When Jaguar do bring a 2.0d Estate, you can criticise it then.......such negative vibes, Man!

Broughster 17 February 2010

Re: Fastest ever Jaguar XKR unveiled

Faustcar wrote:
Absolutely true, it is difficult to see why the waste any development and marketing money on a product that is totally niche and at best will sell a few hundred, if that.

I shouldn't mind so much, but I find it extraordinary how they have all the components and supply agreements in place, but just won't use them.

I was part of the What Car reader review panel for the new XJ last year. It is great inside, but the rear styling is plain ugly. Even more annoyingly, although the boot is a decent size, the opening is tiny, which really compromises the practicality.

Hopefully, they will have the quality issues sorted out by the time they launch the XJ (6 months late). The XF had a number of issues (like the sticking release on the petrol cap cover) that should have been sorted out long before it was sold to the public.

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