GM will import, market and sell Cadillacs in Europe under the newly formed Cadillac Europe brand
2 March 2010

General Motors will relaunch Cadillac in Europe following the collapse of its European distributor late last year.

Cadillacs were previously imported and sold in Europe by Kroymans, but it went bankrupt late last year. GM’s new Cadillac Europe brand will import, market and sell Cadillac models in “key European markets”.

Bryan Nesbitt, Cadillac’s general manager, said Europe was a key market for Cadillac and it was important for customers to have a greater choice of manufacturers to choose from.

At Geneva, Cadillac will display its new CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe models, both of which will go on sale in Europe later this year.

Cadillac will also display its CTS estate and saloon models, as well as its new SRX crossover. Completing its Geneva line-up is the Escalade hybrid.

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22 February 2010

After failing to shift any significant number of reasonably good SAABs, GM has another go at selling those sinfully ugly Caddies this side of the pond.

[quote Autocar]Cadillac’s general manager said Europe was a key market for Cadillac [/quote]

Sounds like that famous "I thought Europe was a Country" quote.

Good luck.

22 February 2010

To be honest, if they don't market these through SAAB (they may welcome the extra sales as part of GM selling SAAB) or Vauxhall dealers they're completely wasting their time in this Country. Four of five dealers selling these cars is a nonsense; they need blanket coverage or they should stay out of Britain.

22 February 2010

I remember reading that Sony reckoned Europe was a nightmare to release anything in because you have to cater for 16 different languages and not everything works in each country. Personally I can't see Cadillac becoming a success in Europe, certainly not at the moment. The product just isn't desireable enough. Even if they're cheaper than the competition, I think most people would prefer a nearly new Bimmer or Audi to a brand new Caddie. Maybe they should put the showrooms near US Air-Force bases...

22 February 2010

Cadillac's latest products may be competitive, but they don't look 'right' in Europe. In America, a Cadillac looks right on the roads and suits their style and way of life, in a way they simply don't over here.

In a nutshell,, European Luxury brands are simply classy, wherever you see them. Japanese luxury brands are desirable for their simplicity of ownership and hybrid technology, and American luxury cars simply remind me of MTV videos.


22 February 2010

We used to get Cadillac launched in Europe about once a decade. Now it seems it's every couple of years.

They may as well choose a specific date, so they can make it an annual affair, and that will make the planning easier for them. Perhaps the 4th of July.

22 February 2010

Last time they launched here with the CTS they said they were going to be well priced. They werent. Just compare the CTS to the Chrysler 300c. Tha latter was much cheaper, and much bigger, and of course had a diesel. Although i have still seen far more petrol 300c's than CTS's.

American cars should be good value, thats what we expect, and Cadillacs just havent been. If they arent going to sell them cheap i dont think they should waste their time bringing them here.

22 February 2010

Over a decade ago when the STS, with it's 4.6 V8 Northstar engine, came to the UK, I had one on test for a week.

I put my prejudice aside and found it an admirable and competent attempt at the luxury car market. Over the period where the BMW 750i, Audi A8, Lexus LS400 and Honda Legend were all tested, I found it competed well with these cars.

(It wasn't chosen, though. Neither were the others on the list. A Range Rover 4.6 Vogue with all the bell whistles was ordered. This broke down after 2000 miles and refused to start ever again(?) thus was rejected and replaced by a Jaguar (X308) XJR, which did 93,000, or so, faultless miles in 2 years.)

22 February 2010

[quote Straff]

To be honest, if they don't market these through SAAB (they may welcome the extra sales as part of GM selling SAAB) or Vauxhall dealers they're completely wasting their time in this Country. Four of five dealers selling these cars is a nonsense; they need blanket coverage or they should stay out of Britain.


I agree. I did (briefly) think of getting a BLS. It was a year old and was only £6k but the nearest dealer would have been in Birmingham, over 50 miles away and not somewhere I like to go if i can avoid it. I was also worried about whether I'd ever be able to sell it on again afterwards.

22 February 2010

I was in a Cadillac Showroom this morning selling my BLS as they are very short of stock especially BLS???????? So offered a very good price TBH. In total excluding mine they had 2 other Cadillacs on the premisies a CTS and an Escalade. With the BLS gone they have no derv Caddy's a real downside in Europe with Europeans prefering diesels to petrol.

The BLS had real potential but was badly marketed and chassis wise was not as good as the ageing Saab 93 it was based on. We found it a realxed and good motorway cruiser not bad economy and I did like the looks but boy did it hate corners. It was a bargin buy at a year old and has only lost another £1300 in the past 18 months of ownership.

I doubt Cadillac will ever really suceed maybe potential for a small market share if they finally get a decent car with a diesel engine. The new coupe looks nice and the Volt based Cadillac if priced right could be a decent low volume seller for them. It just lacks brand heritage in Europe and so many other cars with much more badge Kudos and a better product.

22 February 2010

I personally welcome the move, Its nice to have choice in the market and most manufacturers have the mass market + upmarket cars. Toyota-Lexus, Nissan-Infiniti, now Vauxhall (GM) - Cadillac. I think Cadillac will be more of a niche competitor to Lexus/Infiniti than a mass market competitor for BMW etc.

Cadillacs these days are competent cars, OK they might not be as perfectly polished as a Mercedes or Audi, but for some people (me included) the slightly better value, interesting looks and exclusivity would be more than enough to tempt them away from buying the German Norm.

However, what they really need, is a good dealer network and some good diesels (perhaps GM will use the Saab ones?) and some good marketing to get awareness up.

As someone else said, I too looked at a Cadillac, the SRX. I found it a nice drive, very well equiped and great value and I liked the look. The petrol engine was a bit thirsty but it had plenty of power and was smooth so was willing to forgive it for that - however, I just couldnt excuse the lack of a dealer anywhere near.

Cadillac needs to make sure it has a "Double D" in its strategy - Dealers + Diesels!


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