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GM will import, market and sell Cadillacs in Europe under the newly formed Cadillac Europe brand
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2 March 2010

General Motors will relaunch Cadillac in Europe following the collapse of its European distributor late last year.

Cadillacs were previously imported and sold in Europe by Kroymans, but it went bankrupt late last year. GM’s new Cadillac Europe brand will import, market and sell Cadillac models in “key European markets”.

Bryan Nesbitt, Cadillac’s general manager, said Europe was a key market for Cadillac and it was important for customers to have a greater choice of manufacturers to choose from.

At Geneva, Cadillac will display its new CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe models, both of which will go on sale in Europe later this year.

Cadillac will also display its CTS estate and saloon models, as well as its new SRX crossover. Completing its Geneva line-up is the Escalade hybrid.

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Mr£4worth 28 February 2010

Re: Cadillac to get European relaunch

A few thought our's was a Chrysler or unsure of what is was and nobody realised it was a reclothed Saab 93, but coments were always positive and like the way it looked. After two BMWs (a 335 SE cabrio, and a 135M Sport Coupe) I have to say I am enjoying my Cadillac BLS. It's comfortable, distinctive, full of kit, and doesn't seem to be bothered by potholes and speed humps. Now and then I jump in the 135 (now driven by my wife) and I have to say I prefer the BLS. OK, it doesn't stop or go round corners, but 93% of the time its a better car than the 135.

Straff 22 February 2010

Re: Cadillac to get European relaunch

Come on - be fair. Styling's a matter of personal choice and two of the engines are phenomenal; the Northstar and the supercharged V8 are something else. I have a supercharged Monaro and a V10 M5. The M5's by far the better car but I know which I'd rather drive and it's never been anywhere near Germany...

KArkhon 22 February 2010

Re: Cadillac to get European relaunch

Uhm... Why? We already have plenty of bad cars on the market, we don't need an entire new brand of bad cars... You simply can't take bunch of low quality plastic, awful engines and terrible styling and charge massive amounts of money for it. I know it works in US, but a lot of insane things work only in the US and nowhere else... This is going to crash and burn...

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