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New concept points to how the production S-class coupé will look and hints at a convertible version

This is the Mercedes-Benz Concept S-class Coupé, which gives strong clues about the production form of the company’s traditional flagship model.

The replacement for the current CL, shown at the Frankfurt motor show, is a substantial machine, some 5005mm long and 1958mm wide, with a 2945mm wheelbase.

Like Mercedes’ smallest cars, the coupé has the company’s new distinctive styling theme on the bodysides, with raised edges running from the front wings to the rear wheelarch. Again, the car does without a B-pillar, suggesting that a convertible is also in the works. This concept also gets an almost entirely glazed roof.

A long bonnet dominates the overall proportions and grants the Coupé what Mercedes calls a “cowering greenhouse”, the impression that the cabin sits well back behind the front wheels.

The nose of the coupé also adopts the look pioneered by the baby CLA, although this car has the upper part of its grille surround extended, thereby giving it a retro reverse-rake nose.

Its interior is more conceptual, expressing what Mercedes calls “sensual clarity as an expression of modern luxury”. Much effort has been expended on new materials and finishes, as part of the modern luxury brief. The doors panels are made from computer-milled aluminium, with the ridged finish “inspired by Utah rock formations”.

The air vents are finished in a mix of white and polished aluminium and the centre console in a new ‘black diamond’ finish created by a chemical vapour deposit process, which deposits a precious metal on a “high-sheen chrome surface” at temperatures of 1000deg C.

Mercedes' concept is powered by a twin-turbo V8 that develops 449bhp and 516lb ft of peak torque. The concept also uses twin ‘stereo cameras’ to produce a 3D view of about 50m in front of car. This information can be used to pre-adjust the suspension system in anticipation of approaching undulations.

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Jinx59 12 September 2013

Luv it

This is the first Merc I have liked in a very, very, very long time. I am not a Merc fan - at all. But this could change my alliegance.

It is strange how Merc's swage lines look disgracious on the Class A, B and CLS, but look great on the CLA and this Class S Coupé. The same basic concept between all models, just a tweek of the compass and voila those awful beltines are corrected.

Very sleek, very elegant, very dramatic.

This knocks spots off the Bentley (in looks), which to me is a bit too chubby - more for fat cats with big cigars I think. I have to say I love the Wraith just for its silliness and well Jaguar - take heed. Sorry to harp on - but something approaching the Concept R is more in the Jaguar DNA than the current models. Says me.

Any idea of price and availability?

Driving 11 September 2013


if you want to look better than in a bentley continental gt, if youre going for that look...this is it and cheaper and cheaper to run too.

1948Wolseley 10 September 2013

Yes, but...

From the rear three-quarter view, it's the absolute spitting image of a Renault Laguna Coupe. Not saying the Laguna isn't a handsome car, it is, but it isn't very Mercedes.

Christian Galea 11 September 2013

1948Wolseley wrote: From the

1948Wolseley wrote:

From the rear three-quarter view, it's the absolute spitting image of a Renault Laguna Coupe. Not saying the Laguna isn't a handsome car, it is, but it isn't very Mercedes.

I too noted that the rear three-quarter view is quite similar to the Laguna Coupe in the comment above, but I thought a-bit more about it and realised that actually the tail lights are not dissimilar to an SLS and the rear window shape is quite similar to previous CLs, so you could argue that it *is* quite Mercedes-like after all.