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Infiniti will produce a mid-engined two-seater electric sports car based on Nissan Leaf technology

Infiniti will show a mid-engined rear-drive two-seater electric sports car concept at Geneva motor show next March.

The machine is likely to be a range-extender and harness the power of a small capacity petrol engine when electric power is depleted. It will also be the first mid-engined car made by either Infiniti or its parent company Nissan.

Andy Palmer, Infiniti’s global head of planning and communication, confirmed that a sports car was planned at Frankfurt motor show this week. He said the concept could use some technology from the Nissan Leaf.

That means the Infiniti could borrow some components from the one-off racing version of the Leaf produced earlier this year and tested by Autocar's Colin Goodwin.

That car, called the Nissan Leaf Nismo RC, featured a low roofline, a carbonfibre tub and a mid-engined, rear-drive design, but under the skin had a completely standard Nissan Leaf powertrain, including its batteries.

As previously reported, it is possible that Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing, which Infiniti has close ties with, will be involved in the development of the new sports car.

Infiniti collaborated with Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel on the FX Sebastian Vettel edition high-performance SUV that was unveiled at Frankfurt motor show this week. Read Autocar's story about that car here.

The Infiniti sports car is scheduled to go on sale by the middle of the decade.

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