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Tubik concept harks back to class TUB and Type H light vans and features Citroën's Hybrid4 system

Citroën has unveiled this radical new MPV concept, the Tubik, at the Frankfurt motor show.

The vehicle is inspired by the TUB and Type H light vans produced by Citroën for more than four decades from 1939. According to the manufacturer, the Tubik has been designed as an “executive shuttle with an emphasis on comfort and fun”.

At 4800mm long, 2080mm wide and 2050mm tall, the Tubik can carry up to nine passengers, sitting across three rows of seats, and features an adjustable modular seating arrangement.

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The Tubik’s interior is designed as a “lounge-style cocoon” with ambient lighting, felt seats and a leather floor. It also features a giant semi-circular TV screen and high-definition surround sound.

The concept’s cabin door opens along the entire side of the vehicle to allow access to the front and rear. The cockpit is based on what Citroën calls the “cyclotron”, which groups the seat, pedal assembly, steering wheel and head-up display in a circular arrangement. The driver is identified by a fingerprint recognition system.

Tubik runs a four-wheel drive drivetrain and is powered by PSA’s Hybrid4 technology featuring a diesel engine upfront and an electric motor to drive the rear wheels.

It rides on 22-inch wheels fitted with low-resistance tyres. It also features Citroën’s Hydractive suspension technology. At high speeds, the car automatically sits lower to improve the aerodynamics. Citroën says the Tubik’s CO2 emissions are similar to those of a conventional saloon.

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