The long-awaited first MPV from Audi is given a big thumbs-up ahead of a possible Frankfurt reveal

Audi has given the green light to its first MPV, with sources saying it will become part of the current A3 family.

It will probably be offered in five and seven-seat configurations and could be badged ‘V4’.

The A3’s MQB architecture offers the flexibility to build models with an elevated driving position and the new car will probably use the longer rear overhang of the MQB’s saloon version to host a third row of seats.

Industry paper ANE has reported that a concept version has been built, but Audi bosses are yet to decide whether to reveal it at September’s Frankfurt motor show.

Audi has long struggled with the MPV format. The high-roof Roadjet concept was first shown in 2006 at the Detroit show but it didn’t make any further progress.

Last summer, now-departed Audi sales and marketing chief Peter Schwarzenbauer told Autocar the traditional MPV “was a boring concept” but that an Audi with “six or seven seats” was a possibility.

It could, however, be three years before the high-roof Audi reaches showrooms.

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Audi A3

Third generation Audi A3 has been given a mild facelift, more equipment, some new engines, a new hot model, but is the three-door version the cream of the premium hatch crop?

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9 August 2013

I think it's an area they can't ignore. BMW are about to enter it, Mercedes have been in it for years with the a/b-class. Dull though it may be, it would still sell well, especially if they do something with 3 individual seats In the rear, to allow 3 kid families to get all 3 booster seats in with ease.

I recently went car shopping with friends who are adopting 3 kids, and it was a struggle find a car that looked good, was within budget, and had a practical rear bench. in the end they went with a Volvo xc90, but trust me, if there was an Audi MVP within budget, they'd have got one. The q7 was, thankfully, too expensive for them, which was the only Audi that would've worked. The only oher car in the running was the ford S-Max, which was ruled out for lack of interior quality.

9 August 2013

Hey, superstevie.

The interior quality of the S-Max/Galaxy is actually very good (in it's class), more so when you've identified the next most appropiate car being an Audio Q7 (massively more expensive and not the best interior in it's class), which isn't a very good 7 seat vehicle, with very inefficent packaging when your lugging 4wd transmission around that your not going to use (well, maybe a 1/10th of its abilities anyway). Factor in the cost, and if your looking at a secondhand Q7, hey you'll get a second hand interior ( not to mention wear, out of date nav and bluetooth systems to name a few quibbles), poorer running costs (is that not important to a family of 5?) and the '4wd School Run Mum' stigma associated with the Q7 and it's competitors.

I'd of thought interior durability rather than quality would be higher up the list of priorities?

Well done for guiding your friends away from the best and most appropiate 7seater on the market (excluding the Twin Turbo Diesel VW Caravelle, of course!).



9 August 2013

... given the number of Tourans - including that of mrs. TS7 - and Audis parked up outside my childrens' primary school every day.


Would have liked to have bought her an Audi MPV instead of the VW; whilst the quality is acceptable it doesn't have the same sense of being hewn from a solid ingot that our previous A4 Avant (B6) had.


Hope the engines are sporty too. The 1.4 TSi is ok but the 140 horses aren't a patch on the (admittedly 10 more ponies) under the bonnet of my 2.0 n/a A3. The twincharger unit is not as economical either, not by a long shot. What price a 'R' version of the 'V4'?

9 August 2013

Can anyone tell me what links all of these cars together?

Vauxhall Zafira VXR - 966 sales

Vauxhall Meriva VXR - *264 sales

Seat Altea 2.0 TFSI FR - *46 sales (man) *42 sales (DSG)

Mercdes R-Class (R55AMG/R63AMG) - *6 sales

VW Sharan/Galaxy VR6 - *A few of each

* Thanks to ''

If i've missed anything, it's probably because, it didn't sell in any significant numbers, so not memorable, and like the aforementioned vehicles, these didn't sell in any great volumes either?

If you have children, accelerating and braking quickly, is a recipe for chunder pie, and OK, if your on your own, you'll be looking like you've stolen someones MPV, as you understeer/torque steer off into the nearest kerb, the heightened CoG means any body roll is amplified, and at the end of the day, putting trainers on your Gran, doesn't make her Usain Bolt (Or Usain Bolt's Gran for that matter!).


9 August 2013

... Audi has always followed BMW and Mercedes. So nothing different here.

What next? An electric car or a hybrid? Or are those still a few steps too far?

9 August 2013

So what we are talking here is basically a Zafira (functionally/size wise) with a posher badge and £10K added on? sounds not one to miss!

10 August 2013

The market has been screaming out for a "Premium" MPV for ages.  Yes Mercedes came up with the ill thought out R Class and you can get other brands SUV's with 7 seats but a real premium MPV is still missing - and this is the market Audi appear to be looking at.

Look at it logically, if you currently drive a Mercedes C, BMW 3 or Audi A4 and have children, where do you go next?  You can't stay loyal to the brand.  Those driver are forced in to the likes of the Zafira / C-Max / S-Max etc - which isn't always a bad thing but for those that MUST have the badge.......

As much as I hate to say it, an Audi MPV will sell my the bucket load, probably at a price point that is several thousand higher than the VW.

A "Boring Concept" it may be but one that is bound to earn Audi a lot of money.



It's all about the twisties........

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