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Audi will invest big in the Frankfurt motor show, chiefly on a vast indoor test track

Audi will spend more than 10 million euros (£9m) on an indoor test track for this year’s Frankfurt motor show in a bid to keep pace with rivals BMW and Mercedes.

Audi's 400 metre-long track will loop its 100-metre long/70-metre wide indoor exhibition, which will give visitors the chance of a passenger ride in selected vehicles.

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BMW was the first to have an indoor test track at the Frankfurt show in 2009 and Mercedes is also believed to be following suit. More than 30 Audis will be on display at Frankfurt and passenger rides will be offered in a dozen road and race cars.

Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said, “It’ll be surprising, emotional, architecturally great, with a real wow effect." He added that the test track would make a "strong statement".

The Frankfurt motor show runs from 15 September to 25 September.

Elisha Chauhan

See all the latest Audi reviews, news and video

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