Currently reading: Ford to invest £1.5bn in UK
Investment spurred by £360m government loan backing

Ford is preparing to invest £1.5 billion in its four UK facilities over the next five years after securing a £360 million Government loan guarantee.

The news follows the government's decision to back £360 million of a £450m loan application to the European Investment Bank (EIB). The money is for investment in 'green technology', and was announced by Lord Mandelson today.

The loan is repayable on commercial terms.

Ford of Britain chairman, Joe Greenwell, said: "Ford welcomes this positive support from the government. It greatly assists in delivering Ford's commitment to invest £1.5 billion in new, affordable, volume-produced low CO2 technologies."

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Symanski 18 March 2010

Re: Ford to invest £1.5bn in UK

Excellent news and I hope Ford continue to expand.

However, in Scotland I find it difficult to deal with the dealers. In the west coast even when you try and avoid a certain person's dealerships you find you've walked in to one that owns anyway!

Why is this a problem? Brother had trouble getting factory fitted Bluetooth on his ST, he'd paid for it when he ordered the car and had to wait for it to arrive with it only to find it didn't have Bluetooth fitted! While they promised (and they do "promises delivered") to fix it it took months and months before they eventually did. Really a bad show.

Myself I feel out with a dealer when I bought a used Ford only to find not only didn't they give over all the keys but haddn't serviced it either. It was actually in a dangerous condition as the rear brakes weren't working. Ford, who I contacted, weren't interested.

That's Ford dealerships for you....

It's a shame as I do like Fords bu have to buy something else instead (NOT GM!).

Buzz Cagney 18 March 2010

Re: Ford to invest £1.5bn in UK

This is pleasing. I very much hope that Ford will continue to re-expand its UK operations.