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There's no need to be bored when we've got hours of exciting motoring content on our YouTube channel

You might be stuck at home and binge-drinking tea, but look on the bright side: at least you can spend more time watching car videos on YouTube.

And where better to look than our Autocar channel, where there are hours of exciting showdowns, in-depth reviews and captivating features. There are hundreds of videos to choose from, but here are a few of our recent favourites to get you started:

Slide away

Ever fancied yourself as a pro drifter? Us too, so we grabbed a tail-happy Aston Martin Vantage and a drifting world record holder, and headed to Silverstone to get to grips with getting sideways. Don’t try this at home…

Outstanding in its field

Here’s one for you: what has 1000bhp, one seat and a 150mph-plus top speed? No, it’s not a Formula 1 car, but this JCB tractor. The Fastrac 2 is an agricultural workhorse with a difference, having hit a whopping 153mph last year with motorcycling legend Guy Martin at the controls. We take a closer look at the engineering marvel, before climbing aboard to see what it’s like to drive. 

Small and silent

BMW has reinvented the iconic Mini before – to great commercial and critical acclaim – but the time has come to future-proof the stylish supermini, and the new electric version has quite a task ahead of it. With familiar styling and Cooper S-rivalling performance, it certainly seems an attractive proposition, but will its £25,000 price tag and relatively small range see it lose out to the Honda E? We find out. 

Six of the best

Light the beacons! Porsche has reunited its 718 GTS duo with the six-cylinder motor they had been sorely missing since 2016, and we had to see if the new 394bhp 4.0-litre unit could help the 718 pair take back their sports car crown. A 0-62mph time of 4.5sec and 182mph top speed will help their case, but what else is new?

A supercar for all the family

Audi’s RS division has a knack for taking practical family cars and transforming them into supercar-baiting, four-door performance heroes, and now there’s a new addition to the family. The latest iteration of the brand’s RS6 flagship packs a 591bhp V8 and can sprint from 0-62mph in just a shade over three seconds. Join us as we get to grips with one of the world’s fastest production estates. 

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Evolution of Renault Sport

What’s the definitive French hot hatchback? 205 GTi? Clio V6? Maybe even Saxo VTS? Well, there is one contender that often gets overlooked: the formidable Renault Mégane RS. We drive the latest and most powerful version alongside its R26R and 275 Trophy R predecessors to see if Dieppe really can hold the claim to the world’s best hot hatch. 

Mustang vs M8

British tuner Clive Sutton’s take on the Ford Mustang might not seem a natural rival to the slick new BMW M8, what with its lairy orange paint scheme, 825bhp supercharged V8 and rear-wheel-drive powertrain, but what if we told you that it costs about the same to take home? Matt Prior and Mauro Calo head to the test track for a proper US vs Europe showdown. 

Geneva motor no-show

The 2020 edition of Europe’s biggest motoring show was cancelled in reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, but most manufacturers went ahead with their unveilings – making Geneva 2020 the world’s first entirely digital motor show. We travelled to, erm, the office basement to take a closer look at the most exciting new metal.  

The future of the GT car

So, then, this is it - the age of electrification. But even as manufacturers rush to bring the fastest, most affordable, biggest or most powerful electric vehicles to market, the fact remains that they just don’t have the range to match their gas-guzzling forebears. Or do they? We hit France’s iconic Route Napoleon in the V8-powered Mercedes-AMG GT 63, hybridised Polestar 1 and all-electric Porsche Taycan to see whether grand tourers still need a thumping great combustion motor up front. 

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The drifting Rolls-Royce Cullinan

One of the strangest sites you’ll see all year: a £300,000, 2.6-tonne Rolls-Royce Cullinan covered in dirt and kicking up clouds of tyre smoke. The gargantuan SUV has won its fair share of critics since it was launched in 2018, but there’s a 6.75-litre V12 up front pushing out 600bhp, and who can argue with such huge firepower? Time to really put it to the test…

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