Mercedes banned from taking part in young driver test next month as punishment

Mercedes has been found guilty of breaking the rules in F1 by using a 2013 car during tests for Pirelli earlier this year.

However, its punishment is relatively minor: it will not be allowed to take part in next month's three-day young driver test at Silverstone.

In a statement, the tribunal announced that Mercedes was guilty of a breach of the regulations and had to be reprimanded. It also deemed that Mercedes had gained an unfair advantage by running a 2013 car in the test.

At the hearing the previous day, Mercedes had argued that a ban from the young driver test would be an appropriate punishment if it was found to have breached the sport's rules, a plea that was heeded by the four-strong tribunal panel.

Pirelli was also reprimanded for its role in the test arrangements.

Mercedes has confirmed it will not appeal the decision.

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21 June 2013

They have been found guilty but they haven't exactly been punished for it have they.

21 June 2013

It was only the whinging b*tches at Ferrari & Red Bull that took issue with this, probably because Mercedes are one of their closest rivals.

Common sense prevails.

21 June 2013

Sabre rattling, a bit of shouting,and what happens?,a verdict designed not to anger the Natives,as for Pirelli....?,but i'll tell you this, it better not be heavier than Mercedes light slap on the wrist.

Peter Cavellini.

21 June 2013

If you are going to punish some, then it should be a punishment that will hurt. This is a joke. 

If you do not want to punish them, then even the field by allow all other teams access to conduct the same testing.

21 June 2013

follow F1 or motorsport in general (i tend to liken most roads in the UK to what it must be like on a racetrack) but i think it'll be fair to say that Mercedes got off lightly. In saying that, had they off wielded the big stick and Merc Pull out (Like they threatened) would they of found a big enough sponsor? I don't know the answer to that one. A couple of month's ago, i caught the tail end of a Motorsport programme where it's alleged that Lewis Hamilton wandered into the Ferrari enclosure and was swiftly escorted off the premises. The Ferrari Manager put it down to Hamilton's naivety. I don't know, is it really that hush hush? Had he (Hamilton) of gone back and reported for example that they'd (Ferrari) had developed the first ever carbon fibre chassis, could Merc of copied in time for this season? Apparently their happy to talk to Lewis but only on neutral ground whatever that means.

21 June 2013

Mercedes threaten to take their ball away and the FIA bottled out, Mercedes may not be appealing, however if I was one of the other teams, I would be, it makes a mockery of the testing ban, what is now preventing other teams testing and accepting a slap on the wrist.  

21 June 2013

Mercedes threatened to pull out, but this seems unlikely after this pitiful punishment. Will other teams now do the same, or carry out other infringements, if punishments are minor. If the tyre testing rule being broken by Mercedes matters so much to the other teams, perhaps they should threaten the FIA. Maybe boycott a Grand Prix for example.

21 June 2013

To punish Mercedes further would have been ridiculous.

The FIA basically OK'ed the test on the proviso that other teams were told so as not to be 'seen' to be gaining an unfair advantage.

Does the fact that Mercedes didn't inform other teams suddenly mean they did gain an advantage?

The FIA didn't have a leg to stand on. A big waste of time and a token punishment.

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