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Sebastian Vettel has won at the European grand prix, his sixth victory this season

Sebastian Vettel cruised to his 6th win of the season, controlling the European grand prix from lights to flag, despite a sluggish start.

Jenson Button could not repeat his heroics of a fortnight ago, reporting a KERS related issue that cost him around 0.5secs per lap, resulting in a disappointing sixth place finish.

The Ferrari of Fernando Alonso and Red Bull of Mark Webber provided a race long battle, as the pair swapped positions throughout, but it was ultimately Alonso’s pit stop strategy that gave the Spaniard the second place finish.For the first time this season all 24 cars finished the race, and Vettel’s clever negotiation of backmarkers helped him to stretch his Championship lead to 77 points over Button in second.

Classified top 10 drivers, European GP; 57 laps

1. Vettel McLaren-Mercedes 1h39:36.1692. Alonso Ferrari +10.8913. Webber Red Bull-Renault +27.2554. Hamilton McLaren-Mercedes +46.1905. Massa Ferrari +51.7056. Button McLaren-Mercedes +60.0657. Rosberg Mercedes GP +98.0908. Algesuari Toro Rosso-Ferrari +1lap9. Sutil Force India-Mercedes +1lap10. Heidfeld Renault +1lap

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