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New F1 rules have made racing too complicated according to Ferrari's drivers

Formula 1 cars have become “too complicated”, according to Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso.

The double world champion said last week during talks about the 2011 rule changes that F1 is "losing focus on driving", with drivers being distracted by excessive buttons on their steering wheels.

“The cars become tougher to drive when you have to make all these changes from one turn to the next,” he added.

One of the forthcoming season’s biggest differences over 2010 is the introduction of an adjustable rear wing to encourage overtaking. Drivers will be able to make adjustments after two laps, when the car is less that one second behind the car in front; this function is automatically deactivated when the driver brakes.

Massa, however, commented: “If you make the wrong choice and you have three cars behind you, you could fall from first to fourth in an instant.”

“We have so many things to do on the steering wheel but we still need to drive the car. We can do it, but from a driver's point of view it's not fantastic. On every [turn] there are three or four buttons to press. It's definitely a little too much,” he added.

Other changes to this year’s season include the return of KERS, use of Pirelli tyres only and the banning of the contentious ‘F Duct’ aerodynamic system.

Peter Adams

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