Former FIA president has harsh words for Ferrari and Luca di Montezemolo
26 April 2010

Former FIA president Max Mosley has hit out at Ferrari and its president, Luca di Montezemolo, branding the Italian as "weak" and claiming his team wouldn't be as successful if it operated on a smaller budget.

In an interview with F1 Racing magazine, Mosley said Ferrari was not prepared to take on the other teams on a level playing field and would "fail" if a budget cap was introduced into the sport.

"Between January and May in 2008, we had a series of meetings and everyone was agreed on the cost cap and the methodology - but Ferrari were always against it," said Mosley. "I think it's because they know that if they had the same amount of money to spend as the other teams, they would fail."

Mosley and the FIA were often accused of giving Ferrari preferential treatment during his time as FIA president, but Mosley denied this was ever the case.

"We never did favour Ferrari, although there was this perception that we did," he said. "You could go to Ferrari and they would be completely honest and open with you; most of the other teams wouldn't do that."

Mosley also criticised di Montezemolo, claiming he was a "weak" character.

"Luca is very, very good with people and he's certainly a very personable, pleasant person, but in my opinion he's also a very weak character, so he's easily led."

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26 April 2010

Blimey, talk about being bitter!

I wonder if he is paying those leather claded ladies extra to get himself whipped harder than usual.

26 April 2010

Mosley is a bitter and twisted old man.

The Ted Heath of motorsport.

He needs a good whipping.

Whoops, thats been done!

26 April 2010

"Luca is very, very good with people and he's certainly a very personable, pleasant person, but in my opinion he's also a very weak character, so he's easily led." - So, Montezemolo is the exact opposite of the tyrannical Mosley. Max should do like his fascist father, and decay into anonymity. He's becoming more pathetic with each bitter comment he makes.

26 April 2010

'Ferrari wouldn't be as successful with a smaller budget'. Mosley, your insight is astounding. Now please, go away, a very long way away, for ever.

26 April 2010

Hasn't this irrelevant person retired to play elsewhere? Why did anybody bother to ask him about anything? The Max and Bernie show is history.......................

26 April 2010

Would somebody please put a stake through Mosley's heart?

26 April 2010

Max is a great argument for euthenasia.

26 April 2010

Couldn't agree more!, if you have a team with endless resources your bound to be at the top or near it, its the same in Football,twenty twenty cricket(ahem!!!), it doesn't exactly encourage you to enter a sport if you don't have a minted backer (read Emirates backer)

If anything this shows that maybe Ferrari has lost it's way, i'm sure if the great man himself were alive today there would be no such nonsense at Ferrari.

Peter Cavellini.

26 April 2010

Being criticised by Mosley must count as a ringing endorsement - I certainly wouldn't want a vote of confidence from this very strange old man.

Mind you, let's be honest, Ferrari have spent years buying success - and it's far from clear that they have the ingenuity to win on the kind of budget that most other teams have.

26 April 2010

One is compelled to treat with deep suspicion any man who restorts to S&M hookers for relaxation and sexual highs.


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