Currently reading: Hamilton 'not speaking' to father
Lewis rarely speaks to his father following the pair ending their professional relationship

Lewis Hamilton has admitted he rarely speaks to his father Anthony, who he split with as manager in March.

The pair were inseparable in the early stages of Hamilton’s career, but they decided to end their personal relationship due to Lewis’s "growing maturity" and Anthony’s business interests.

Up until the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, Anthony had attended every single race of Lewis’s career, but now the 2008 world champion admits he can’t remember the last time the two spoke.

“I don't remember the last time I spoke with him, but it hasn't been for a couple of weeks," said the McLaren driver. "We might exchange a message every now and then but we don't have too much to discuss at the moment.

"I don't think there is any friction but it's not all smiles and happiness. It's a big change, so it affects all of us.”

Hamilton is still awaiting his first win in 2010 and finished runner up to team mate Jenson Button in yesterday’s Chinese Grand Prix.

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Leslie Brook 20 April 2010

Re: Hamilton 'not speaking' to father

Autocar wrote:
Lewis Hamilton has admitted he rarely speaks to his father Anthony
I'm not speaking to him either, or his mother. In fact I'm not speaking to Lewis either, so there.

Symanski 20 April 2010

Re: Hamilton 'not speaking' to father

Douglas Jardine wrote:
Hypothetical I know but had there not been two safety cars how far ahead would Jenson have been?

The two fastest drivers today are Vettel and Hamilton. Certainly it was amazing to see Hamilton overtaking just about everybody, but with Vettel out in front (assuming that Alonso would have been called in for a normal penalty - it should have been stop go) Hamilton wouldn't have won.

But it would have been superb to see Hamilton chasing down the Red Bulls. He's the real deal. I said that after his second F1 race, where Alonso started looking very much average.

Rosberg and Kubica are looking very good too. I'm even surprised how good Petrov has been, although making some mistakes as you'd expect he's quick and difficult for people to pass.

Should Hamilton learned from Alonso in his rookie year? No. He's quick and a true racer. What should he learn and from whom? I'm not even sure that he should as that's his own unique personality!

FriendlyFisherman 20 April 2010

Re: Hamilton 'not speaking' to father

People either moan that F1 drivers are too dull and just read from the PR departments scripte, or attack them for showing some passion and character. Can't have it both ways. I like to see those little shows of emotion, we all have to kick the cat once in a while in real life, these guys should be no different.