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F1 cars to race on the new Arena circuit for the first time

F1 cars will race on Silverstone's new "Arena" layout for the first time at this weekend's British GP.

The new layout, first developed for the Moto GP race held on 20 June this year, cost £5 million and is part of extensive redevelopment at the Northamptonshire track.

See the new Silverstone layout

The circuit now sees cars negotiating a re-profiled club corner before spearing off the existing GP circuit through a fast right-hander just before the Abbey chicane.

Cars will then brake hard for two tight hairpins at Village and The Loop before taking the quick, left-hander Aintree onto the Wellingston straight (formerly the National straight).

This takes the cars into the braking area for the Brooklands left-hander, for which drivers will be slowing from almost 200mph.

It is estimated that F1 cars will average 156mph around the revised track, lap times being only four seconds longer than for the pervious layout, which was 760 metres than the new circuit.

Further upgrades to the circuit include changes to the Stowe circuit and a brand-new pit and paddock complex scheduled to open next year.

Silverstone has always been a high-speed aerodynamic-fest and the new layout will not change that. Expect the Red Bulls to feature strongly – Vettel and Webber finished one-two last year.

However, a new aero update on the McLarens will ensure that championship leaders Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are right up there with them.

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val. 11 July 2010

Re: British GP: New Silverstone layout

Straight Six Man wrote:
Also, Red Bull's unreliability is a thing of the past - OK, so Webber crashed in Valencia, but that was Kovalainen's fault. Canada didn't go badly, either - not brilliantly, but neither car broke down. If it hadn't been for Vettel, it would have been a Red Bull 1-2 in Canada, it WAS a Red Bull 1-2 in Monaco, and Vettel finished 3rd in Barcelona in spite of a gearbox fault, while Webber came in first. Considering there hasn't been a single major fault since Vettel at Barcelona, I really don't think you can call the Red Bulls unreliable, less still claim that a Red Bull breakdown at Silverstone is inevitable.

Agreed, Webber won Silverstone with an inferior front wing, so IMHO he's the better driver, apart from Kubica of cause.
val. 11 July 2010

Re: British GP: New Silverstone layout

VirginPower wrote:

Rosberg, although somewhat Trulli-like in showing excellent one-lap pace and almost witless racing at times, could yet be a dominant figure behind the Red Bulls. After one or t'other has broken down, he will be challenging Alonso and Hamilton to achieve Mercedes' first second place. He still has something to prove in this aspect, and is more motivated than Schumacher by the maximisation of results for this season.

Your blog was far too long and I fell asleep half way through it. Mind you I've had a few nippy sweeties so that might also explain it.
tannedbaldhead 11 July 2010

Re: British GP: New Silverstone layout

VirginPower wrote:
the only intelligent contributions will come from those who say I'm right all the time.


VirginPower wrote:

Vettel has reclaimed the high-ground here, having, with his Pole, rubbed Webber's nose into the after-effects of smashing his car to bits two weeks ago. Despite the words, the team is now favouring Vettel for his greater talent and prospect - as it should.


Who's the Daddy now.

Every time Webber and Vettel have gone wheel to wheel Webber has owned him.