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Electrogenic has swapped iconic saloon's 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine for 120bhp electric motor

British EV conversion specialist Electrogenic has revealed what it claims to be the first professionally converted electric Citroën DS.

The Oxfordshire-based firm has fitted the 1971 saloon with its own 'Hyper9' brushless electric motor in place of the original 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine and paired it with a 48.5kWh battery capable of around 140 miles of range. 

A maximum charging rate of 29kW allows for a full charge in around two hours. Customers can also request an optional 'range-extender' battery that's good for more than 200 miles.

The motor produces 120bhp and 173lb ft of torque – a significant improvement over the original engine's output. Power is sent to the front wheels through the original manual gearbox.

Electrogenic has also upgraded the DS's landmark self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension system, swapping the stock mechanical pump for a silent electronic one.

94 Citroen ds ev 2021 official charging

“As with all first-time conversions, the DS presented us with unique challenges, in this case adapting the hydropneumatic suspension to run without the combustion engine," said Electrogenic director Ian Newstead. "The old pump was so noisy that it detracted from the silent drive of the car, but our new electric pump solved the issue completely.”

The car's exterior is largely unchanged, with the original fuel filler cap hiding the charging port. The only visual clues are the removal of the exhaust pipes and a bespoke 'DS EV Électronique' decal on the bootlid.

Electrogenic specialises in bespoke EV conversions and has previously electrified the Triumph Stag and the Morgan 4/4. Customers are able to approach the firm with their own classic car or request it sources one for them, with prices tailored to each project. 

“With our conversions, the aim is always to enhance the original characteristics of the car," said co-founder Steve Drummond. "The Citroën DS was ideally suited to an electric conversion: the silent powertrain adds to the serene driving experience and fits perfectly with the character of the car.”


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Electricvanman 29 July 2021
So the big reported drawback with the first wave of EV's was that they are based on existing ICE vehicles that limit the practicality of what can be achieved. The latest vehicles that are now coming through now have dedicated systems. Why are these adapted cars worshipped?

These conversions are a weekend toy for the few people willing to pay high prices, they are impractical for most day to day uses and they wouldn't get anywhere near passing modern safety tests.

Still I wouldn't say no if I had the chance to have one.

Really 29 July 2021

Such as good candidate for EV conversion - I grew up with my dad running a DS21 semi-auto as a daily and the engine was the only thing that let it down. The centre-point suspension (requiring inboard brakes) enabled zero hub and ground offsets and hence no torque steer. 

si73 28 July 2021
The only thing I don't like is the DS EV badge on the bootlid. Otherwise like everyone else has said, this is a great car for the conversion, though for added waft-ability I think ditching the manual for a normal EV auto esq drive would suit it better.