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First outing in Europe for tri-motor Super Sport Race EV from GAC, which can do 0-62mph in just 1.9sec

Chinese manufacturer GAC has presented the Aion Hyper SSR electric hypercar to Europeans for the first time in Milan.

The tri-motor Hyper SSR – short for Super Sport Race – packs some eye-watering performance figures, thanks to a claimed 1208bhp and 8851lb ft of torque.

Measuring 4538mm long, 1988 mm wide and 1238mm high, the Hyper SSR is a similar size to the 2011bhp Lotus Evija.

GAC claims it can travel from 0-62mph in just 1.9sec, putting it on par with the Rimac Nevera, which boasts an equally breathtaking 1877bhp and 1741lb ft. Top speed is 155mph.

According to China’s CLTC testing regime, the Hyper SSR gets 314 miles (506km) of range from its 74.68kWh battery. 

Aion doesn’t list the weight of the car, but it features a carbonfibre body and carbonfibre brakes, so it should be relatively light.

Carbonfibre also features on the wheels, while a large, retractable active rear spoiler boosts downforce at higher speeds. The design also includes frameless gullwing doors.

Inside, the Hyper SSR features a hexagonal steering wheel, with GAC opting to remove stalks, similar to Tesla with the new Model 3 saloon. It has few buttons, though chrome metalwork helps up the interior ambience. 

It’s equipped with sports seats, which the brand says suits everyday and high-performance driving, while active cruise control and dual-zone climate control are also included, as well as eight speakers.

A huge 14.6in touchscreen infotainment system is positioned in the centre and an aviation-inspired 8.8in digital driver display sits on the dashboard behind the steering wheel. 

Aion claims the supercar is environmentally sustainable, with no use of animal products. Some materials are 3D-printed, while others are created using recycled yarn, and there's biodegradable vegan leather. 

The design of the Hyper SSR was created as part of a joint venture between GAC’s headquarters in Guangzhou and base in Los Angeles. 

The Hyper SSR is still currently just a concept, but GAC claimed it will soon go into production. It follows the firm's previous sports car concept, the Enpulse roadster, which was revealed in 2020 as an EV similar in size to the Toyota GR Supra. 

GAC previously stated its goal of destabilising Europe’s supercar elite (think Ferrari and Lamborghini), saying the monopoly “has been ended by China”. 

According to Car News China, the Hyper SSR was launched in China late last year with a price tag of ¥1,286,000 – equivalent to around £140,000 in the UK. The most expensive specification, the Ultimate Track Version, costs ¥1,686,000 yuan, or £184,400.

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The Croatian-built Nevera meanwhile is priced at £2.4 million. That said, it’s still not certain if the Hyper SSR will come to Europe in any capacity. 

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Just Saying 19 April 2024
It'll come to Europe methinks. At this incredibly cheap price quoted, it should fly off the shelves so long as the interior matches up.
jason_recliner 18 April 2024

Very pretty, and very reasonably priced. What's the next cheapest 900kW car? 

Peter Cavellini 18 April 2024

So, the lb/ft quote is wrong then?, it sounds a bit ludicrous, 8851lb/ft,not to me the really cheap entry level car of £184,000, to be honest I'd like to see the tech aimed at the everyday stuff like you and me drive,not necessarily silly fast but make the cars lighter,quicker charging (like ICE cars) and of course a reasonable price most can afford.