Audi’s £78k liftback has the same power but more torque than its BMW rival; on sale in the UK in July
14 January 2013

Audi is set to take the fight to the recently unveiled BMW M6 GranCoupé with a new 552bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8-powered RS7 Sportback.

Pictured here officially for the first time following its unveiling at the Detroit motor show today, the rapid liftback extends Audi’s RS line-up to six models.

UK launch details and pricing are yet to be announced, but officials suggest that the RS7 Sportback will reach dealers in July priced close to £78,000. 

Power for the RS7 Sportback comes from the same 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine used by the recently unveiled third-generation RS6 Avant. It produces 552bhp at 5700rpm and 553lb ft of torque between 1750rpm and 5500rpm - some 138bhp and 148lb ft more than the less highly tuned version of the same V8 in the S7 Sportback.

The new M6 GranCoupé’s twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 produces the same 552bhp. However, it offers 52lb ft less.

Because Audi’s seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is unable to handle the heavy torque loading of the engine, the RS7 Sportback receives a standard eight-speed automatic ’box. It operates in combination with the latest evolution of the Audi’s quattro four-wheel drive system, offering the choice between D (drive), S (sport) and M (manual) modes.  

Audi is yet to confirm a kerb weight for its latest RS model but claims it delivers 0-62mph in 3.9sec and a top speed limited to 155mph. Buyers can raise the top speed to 174mph with an optional Dynamic package and to 190mph with a Dynamic Plus package.

Underpinning the RS7 Sportback is a heavily reworked version of the standard A7 Sportback’s chassis that features widened tracks and air suspension. Audi will also offer its new performance model with an optional steel-sprung suspension in combination with Dynamic Ride Control as part of a package known as Sport Suspension Plus — a move that is reflected on the new RS6 Avant.

Our Verdict

Audi RS7

New all-wheel-drive RS7 Sportback mixes 552bhp punch of the RS6 with sleek looks of the A7, but rivals like the Porsche Panamera offer a more composed and complete package

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14 January 2013

This car really reminds me of a modern day Rover SD1 Vitesse.  A good looking (yes, I've said it about an Audi!), big V8 hatchback with a dual personality.  It's just a shame it won't have the same sort of interaction between car and driver.



It's all about the twisties........

14 January 2013 looks ugly and unresolved. Like an Austin Princess.

When will Audi stop using tracing paper to style the front end of their cars? Lazy and unimaginative.

15 January 2013

spanco wrote:

When will Audi stop using tracing paper to style the front end of their cars? Lazy and unimaginative.


One could say the same about the least few decades of BMW's.

15 January 2013

You are correct about unimaginative Audi but the same can be said of most manufacturers these days, so it's odd that Audi are always the target of such criticism. 


The comments section needs a makeover... how about a forum??

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