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BMW M5 will be offered with a six-speed manual, but only for the American market

BMW’s M5 equipped with a manual transmission won’t be coming to the UK, despite enthusiasts in the UK liking the idea of direct control over the sports saloons gears.

The M5’s manual ‘box is lifted straight out of the 550i and drives the rear wheels through the same rear diff as used in the dual-clutch DCT-equipped saloon.

With one fewer gears, however, the M5 manual has only one overdrive ratio — sixth — versus two in the DCT — sixth and seventh. The manual also dispenses with the DCT’s launch control, which has a marginally negative effect on the 0-60mph time.

According to BMW US, the manual is capable of 4.3secs versus 4.2 for the M5 DCT.

The US M5 will also have a larger fuel tank than the European version, capacity is up to 83 litres. The specially-fabricated stainless steel tank addresses a US customer criticism of the previous E60 M5’s poor touring range.

The new M5 won’t go on sale in the US until autumn, when the 2013 model year 5-series arrives with minor trim and spec improvements. And it will cost around $90k, a $4k hike over the E60. DCT and manual versions are priced the same.


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toptidy 13 January 2012

Re: Detroit motor show: BMW M5 gets a manual

TegTypeR wrote:
I'll just have to go for a manual VXR8 then.

Nice alternative - when I can afford either I will certainly not waste my money on anything auto-only or with flappy-paddles.

When I am so old I become incontinent these may be useful on my electric buggy, but all the time I can drive that is what I want to do.

Until then they will have to sell to the incontinent/incompetent.

catnip 10 January 2012

Re: Detroit motor show: BMW M5 gets a manual

I thought every new car came with a manual.

bwdrew 10 January 2012

Re: Detroit motor show: BMW M5 gets a manual

BriMarsh wrote:
A manual available in the US but not in Europe? What a bizarre turn of events.
Not so bizarre: BMW did it with the last gen E60 M5 too. Instantly cured one of the E60's main criticisms.