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Audi CEO Rupert Stadler confirms Detroit motor show reveal for 'Vail' concept

Audi will unveil a crossover concept at the Detroit motor show, Audi CEO Rupert Stadler has confirmed.

Talking to Bloomberg, he referred to the car as the 'Vail' concept, which is rumoured to be a design study based on the recently launched Q3 (pictured).

Audi is eager to build its US sales as part of its quest to become the world's biggest selling premium car maker. It currently sells around half the number of cars as BMW and Mercedes in America. As well as showing the Vail concept, Audi has already confirmed the new Audi A3, due to be launched later this year, will be available as a saloon.

"The next pillar of the market that we have to conquer is the United States," Stadler told Bloomberg News. "We see opportunities in the SUV and sedan segments." He also confirmed plans to build more cars in the US.

Stadler also confirmed that a new Audi A2, already shown as a concept last year, will eventually make production.

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petrolheadinrussia 9 January 2012

Re: Audi to unveil new crossover

I would like to be introduced to the guy who searches out the nitches. Is he a nit - a snitch or an itch? for sure it needs scratching like a geenies lamp - no matter what it is Audi will find it because BMW have been doing this itchy nitchy snitchy better for the last decade - maybe Audi have iltched filched pilched him from BMW?

Dan Marius 7 January 2012

Re: Audi to unveil new crossover

Finally! The new A3 saloon will bring about another decent size saloon because the A4/Mondeo/Accord are simply too big. Good for family they say but to me when I drive mainly alone to work every single day for about 20 miles one way a "modern"saloon seems like a truck.

matsoc 7 January 2012

Re: Audi to unveil new crossover

Dark Isle wrote:
I don't understand why these companies think being the biggest is equal to being the best. VAG seem intent on dominating the world at any cost. But just look at GM - the bigger they got the worse their cars became.

Interesting point...anyway I think that they want to grow because they clearly see the opportunity to do it. Now they have great investing power and they use it. Establishing in more markets as possible is a good choice however, especially for premium brands.

Coming back to just Audi actually last summer I was surprised by the lack of their cars in California compared to Bmw and Mercedes counterparts.