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Vauxhall has announced 20 per cent discounts across most of its range to beat January's VAT hike

Vauxhall has announced 20 per cent discounts across almost all of its range in a bid to combat the New Year’s VAT increase.

Dubbed ‘Vauxhall Countdown’ by the company, customers will be able to save as much as £6165 on its top of the range Insignia VXR model.

According to Vauxhall marketing boss Peter Hope, “Vauxhall Countdown is a no-nonsense 20 per cent discount that applies across almost all models in our range. We’re committed to reducing the pain of the latest VAT rise as much as possible.”

Further savings include up to £4685 off its recently-launched Astra Sports Tourer, up to£1890 off the Agila range and up to £3400 off Corsa models.

Vauxhall’s offer is available to vehicles purchased between December 27 and January 27 and registered before January 31. It excludes its facelifted Corsa and Antara ranges, the Zafira Exclusiv and Expression and ES models across all ranges.

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tannedbaldhead 16 December 2010

Re: Vauxhall: 20% off most models

Straff wrote:
What I can never understand is why Manufacturers insist on keeping the list price at ridiculous levels that no-one pays and then offers a huge discount. Surely it would be better to publish the genuine price and sell more straight away? If you compare an Insignia with an Audi they compete too closely on price; this always counts against Vauxhall. Why even look at a car that can't compete on quality no matter how hard they try? Look at them with the sort of discount you can expect from the Dealer and the Insignia looks to be a bargain

It allows dealers to fleece the odd mug with more money than sense.

Have to agree with you about discounted Insignias being a bargain. At full cost one would be tempted to pay a very small premium to get one's arse onto the seat of any of the three prestigious German Marques. At the £12,000 I saw pre-regs punted recently the Insignia starts to look a lot more tempting. Real depreciation is also considerably less than headline figures. An Insignia purchased around £12-13K and traded for £7-8K three years later is in reality rivaling Audi, BMW and Mercedes legendary abilities to hang on to their value.

Citytiger 15 December 2010

Re: Vauxhall: 20% off most models

All it really proves is that Vauxhall (so probably most other manufacturers) cars about 30% overpriced or possibly more. Look at the list price of cars in the USA compared to here for a real shock.

[url][/url] The new Ford Focus starts in the UK at just under £16k, but starts at just over £12k in USA....

catnip 15 December 2010

Re: Vauxhall: 20% off most models

I read a column in AutoExpress quoting some guy from Vauxhall saying that the firm had an image problem, and saying that the firm's cars were in the best sellers lists because of discounting. They were hoping to change that situation.

I guess just not yet then....